Top WooCommerce Plugins To Improve Your Store Conversions

top WooCommerce plugins

Do you want to level up your e-commerce sale? The best WooCommerce plugins can help you increase your conversion rate and sales. Finding solid online sales is more challenging than it seems. Remember to upgrade your online store with as many features like Best Price Guaranteed and extensions as possible.

WooCommerce is one of the most trusted e-commerce systems with millions of users. What makes it even more powerful is its out-of-the-box integration to add extra features and make online shopping more successful.

However, thousands of free and premium plugins are available on the market, and choosing the right plugin can take time and effort. Therefore, we put together a list of the best WooCommerce plugins to help you get more money from your website.

This article has selected some of the best WooCommerce plugins for your store to increase sales and grow your business.

#1. Optinly

Optinly is a WooCommerce plugin that helps you capture your audience’s attention with popups. Like Adoric, Optinly also offers many popup templates for you to choose from.

All you need to do is select the target or purpose of the popup, select and customize the appropriate popup template, and run your ad. With this plugin, you can promote special offers, reduce traffic loss, conduct surveys, and provide real-time social proof. Also, with Optinly, you can create your email list with optional tags.

#2. Booster for WooCommerce  

Are you thinking about taking your eCommerce store to the world level? With many different features, Booster for WooCommerce is a powerful tool for online stores that go international.

The most impressive feature is the ability to target your site based on the country of purchase. In addition, this plugin supports localization to make your website information, product information, content, and graphics compatible with the language of your audience.

Apart from the language, the prices of your products can be automatically changed to the local currency. In addition, you can add 159 other currencies to WooCommerce and display the same currency symbol.

#3. MailChimp for WooCommerce

A mailing list is one of the best ways to increase sales with WooCommerce. MailChimp plugins for WooCommerce are designed to integrate with WooCommerce and allow you to create a list of subscribers from your website.

This service can help you create newsletters that target specific customer segments. These newsletters can help you increase sales by encouraging your customers to return to your store and buy your products.

If you have a Mailchimp account, you can connect it to your WooCommerce store and send emails. Once you select your subscribers, you can follow their activity and update them with new products.

You can also customize their settings based on their interests, such as gender, age, or location. You can also choose the number of emails that your customers should receive. This method can increase your sales.

#4. Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce

Many WooCommerce store owners promote their products on many online store sites (like Google Merchant Shop, Amazon, eBay, etc.) to boost their sales.

Exporting product information from your website or submitting your products to other platforms is difficult. Therefore, you can use this simple plugin.

You can create product feeds to suit your retail store needs using this plugin in seconds. Then, you can download and upload this feed to the store to start your promotion.

#5. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is the best FOMO and social media analytics to help you increase your conversions and sales.

People love it when they see other people make the same decisions before they make their own. Adding social proof allows them to see it on your website and encourages them to purchase.

TrustPulse makes it very easy. You can upload it to any website (no branding required) and customize the images to match your store’s colors.

You can intelligently target the pages or products you want to advertise and add information to the engine that shows how many people take action over a while. Run multiple ads targeting customers viewing different products or pages for best results.

You also get a full live stream of user activity and detailed analytics to help you optimize your ads.

#6. Beeketing for WooCommerce 

If you are looking for a sales and marketing management solution, check out Beeketing for WooCommerce, one of the best WooCommerce marketing plugins. It includes over ten plugins designed to optimize conversion rates, increase order value (AOV), and increase customer loyalty.

You can activate requests on an individual basis. When you first install the plugin, there are no applications included. You have to activate the ones you want to use manually.

#7. WooCommerce Quick View Pro

When looking for specific products or choosing from various products, navigating to a product details page can be tricky if you want to learn more about them.

If a product has too many additional options to fit on a single order form page, the WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin adds additional “quick view” links. For example, customers can click a button to see sales and product information in a quick popup view without navigating to a product page.

This makes it easy and quick to see all the details of every item they want to buy. Then, they click the quick view button, select options, and quickly return to the order form to continue adding items to their cart.

#8. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

WooCommerce Wholesale Suite is a set of three plugins that make it easy to set up wholesale prices in WooCommerce for wholesalers and other businesses.

You can easily show wholesale prices to wholesalers. You can also set a minimum quantity they must order to receive a discount. At the same time, you can still show your regular prices to your customers.

Final Thoughts

All these WooCommerce plugins are very different in their features. Therefore, it is better first to decide what you want to improve in your store, identify the problems or needs, and then choose the suitable options. Conversion rate optimization is an iterative process that requires constant trial and error, online analysis, and iteration until the highest conversion is achieved. The conversion rate starts when you choose a hosting service and continues through all aspects of website design and analysis.

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