Top Places to Start New Business in Middle East and Why Dubai is Best Places Amongst All?

business setup in Dubai

During this period, Dubai has become the fastest-growing business center in the world. With extraordinary potential, the country has turned from the city of the desert to a world-class city.

Top Reasons To Setup Business in Dubai, UAE

Many reasons make Dubai an excellent place to establish a business.

Dubai has the potential that does not use to double its exports to African countries. The top product that provides an opportunity to export in Africa is sugar, plastic, and rubber which has the potential of $ 291.7 million, each $ 867.9 million and $ 457.9 million. Data has arrived based on request requests and offers by the International Trade Center (ITC) and other trade indicators to determine the potential for exports of a country.

In recent years, the growth of the U.A.E. exports to African countries has been strong. The decade saw a tremendous leap in exports because of better trade relations between the two countries. Dubai now increases its position to become the gateway to the African and Middle East markets. We are constantly trying to improve economic conditions throughout the African continent and Middle Eastern countries.

Top Reasons for Setting Business in Dubai

  • Dubai has always been the most profitable place to prepare a business. The reason that makes business setup in Dubai ideal for companies in the Middle East and Africa is as follows:
  • Dubai is known as an investment center because of its good policy to prepare Businesses.
  • Dubai has an extensive coastline, and it is a global flight center. A good state’s location strategically provides better opportunities for trading, and people can also move quickly in various countries.
  • Dubai attracts a large population of skilled labor because of its global reputation and higher income. Besides, the government makes continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and competence of existing delivery. It helps Businesses save most of the money in training employees.
  • With the increase in state growth, it is a wise decision to do business in Dubai. Being a global leader of a business hub, Dubai is an ideal place to grow a business by exporting products to new markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Top Places For Starting Business in the Middle East Other Than Dubai

There are significant employment opportunities in the Middle East. But which country is the most suitable for you? It is our quick guide.

Arabic, regions consisting of the Arabian Peninsula, are located in the southwestern part of the Asian continent. The main commercial center is located in the Gulf and including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and, at a lower level, Oman and Kuwait.

  • Bahrain

The most significant capital and city of Bahrain’s most minor kingdom historically become a regional center in financial services, tourism, and transportation. Manama aspires to be like Fintech, where Fintech Bay recently launched, the largest Fintech center in the Middle East and Africa.

  • Abu Dhabi

The capital of the UAE-  Abu Dhabi, is traditionally like other areas that depend on oil. However, using extensive resources and the wealth of its economic diversity and becoming a player in Tech. For example, in May, Mubadala Investment Company announced that it would establish a technology center in the capital to attract leading technology companies.

  • Muscat

Muscat, the capital of Oman and the largest city, is undergoing economic transformation and places technology and entrepreneurship at the forefront. The innovation of muscat parks is the latest and most ambitious development of science and technology. According to its website, this is one of the Research Council’s main initiatives (TRC) to help encourage scientific research, innovation and activate collaboration.

  • Sharjah

Not too far from the famous neighbor Dubai Lies Sharjah, which has historically been the center of trade and culture in what is now known as the UAE. Sharjah also aspires to become a player in Tech. For example, they have Sheraa: Sharjah Entrepreneur Center, whose purpose is to support and empower entrepreneurs when they build their Business, according to their website.

This center is between educational clusters, houses one of the best universities in the region, Sharjah American University. Sharjah’s distance close to Dubai also attracts many people who live in the city but work in Dubai.


Dubai is not only a regional power plant but quickly becomes a global player. When preparing to host the world’s most prominent people, Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai wants to be a significant player in Tech. For example, this is home to many regional offices of large multinational technology companies (including Google and Apple) and accelerator programs such as TechStars.

This country offers high-quality facilities for Business along with a good environment. Intending to grow further, the Dubai government has brought several economic reforms and administrative policies to attract capital and business homes from all over the world.

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