Top 5 Company Car Trackers to Go For In 2023

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Fleet tracking is a direct method of risk management that goes beyond following the whereabouts of the vehicles. It addresses risks to your drivers, equipment, and brand reputation. Fleets are now a chance for cost optimization, a source of more revenue, and a crucial component of risk management and regulatory compliance. This has boosted the fleet manager’s position inside enterprises.

In case you didn’t know, GPS trackers allow you to know within five feet where one of your drivers is at any time. Or that there may be a variety of gadgets available, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, from different companies that specialize in car track? This comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to know about the top car tracking providers, including who they are and their services. The top all-around companies offering fleet tracking solutions.

These vehicle tracking companies allow you to keep tabs on your fleet in near-real-time.

1. RAM Tracking

It’s never been simpler to monitor corporate vehicles and acquire valuable information with the help of cutting-edge automobile monitoring systems. Tracking your employees’ fuel efficiency and time spent working throughout the day is now possible with the RAM company vehicle gps tracking system. There are certainly more valuable things you might be doing with your time. They take care of all the details by installing RAM car tracking devices in your company vehicles.

Their vehicle monitoring systems are fully automated. So you all need to tell us what data points are most important to you. RAM Tracking’s ability to cut down on administrative tasks will ultimately boost productivity for your fleet manager and upper management. Your company will reap the long-term financial rewards of this decision over time.

2. Rhino Fleet Tracking

As a business solution, it is among the top choice car tracker. Fleet managers aiming to enhance productivity with the least cost and inconvenience will appreciate their unique features in addition to the standard ones. Rhino has a user-friendly interface that only requires a little explanation or training. By sending notifications whenever a vehicle deviates from its predetermined path. The system ensures that you are always aware of the whereabouts of all cars.

Numerous pricing tiers allow Rhino Fleet Tracking to cater to various requirements. They’ve been in the fleet-tracking business since 2000, giving them over 15 years of experience in the field. Dallas, Texas, is home to Rhino Fleet Tracking. It is a reputable business that has been at the forefront of fleet management for years. Their fleet management services are geared toward fostering expansion and optimizing productivity for your company.

3. Verizon Connect

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Verizon Connect is recommended as the best GPS company fleet tracker for medium-sized fleets. Verizon Connect is an all-encompassing and straightforward option for businesses with medium-sized fleets. Since it is one of the most flexible options available. This system is perfect for more extensive and diverse fleets with specific requirements for fleet administration.

To better serve drivers from all around the world, the program supports multiple languages and time zones. Electronic logging device (ELD) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliance are only two of the many regulatory requirements that can be satisfied through Verizon Connect.

Verizon Connect is the result of a merger between Telogis. Verizon Networkfleet, and Fleetmatics, three of the world’s largest GPS fleet tracking companies. By combining these three entities, Verizon Connect is more scalable than its rivals. It works with various fleet sizes, but its features shine when applied to medium-sized fleets.

Due to Verizon Connect’s extensive feature set. It is an excellent choice for medium-sized fleets in need of a reliable tracking solution. Verizon Connect’s tracking tools will assist in meeting legal requirements.

4. Azuga Fleet

Customers highly recommend Azuga Fleet, one of the best GPS fleet management solutions. One of the critical aspects of this is that they provide a three-year guarantee on all gadgets. Giving you two years to fix or replace your item should anything go wrong and a third year after it expires.

The other feature of Azuga Fleet is that it is liked for its ability to track more than just vehicles. With the help of its FuelWatch software, which logs the gallons or liters of fuel consumed in real-time. So that appropriate decisions can be made based on those figures, users can have better control over their fuel usage. With today’s consumers constantly looking for the inner workings of products, Azuga’s most recent upgrade enables them to keep up.

For the past 17 years, Azuga Fleet, which began operations in 1999. It has been offering fleet management services to businesses across Canada.

They have a staff of about 60 working at its Toronto, Ontario, headquarters. Where they are dedicated to developing Azuga’s software products, including their flagship product the Fleet Management System (FMS). They offer two different levels: standard and premium. Still, it provides much better features like fuel reporting so managers can see how many miles each vehicle has logged using any fuel, whether gas or diesel.

5. NexTraq

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NexTraq is widely-used software for monitoring fleets, and it’s accessible from desktops and smartphones alike. Their program also lets businesses track the whereabouts of their fleet vehicles. Boosting security by letting them know when cars have left a predefined area. NexTraq provides capabilities like sending notifications based on position, date/time, and geo-fence limits to facilitate further tracking of your assets. Vehicle maintenance reminders for planned services (oil changes); and integrating data from other systems like fuel cards or cellphone carriers.

Viewing individual vehicle mileage is another perk you find appealing in Nextraq’s fleet tracking software. The ability to monitor gas and oil consumption. It is a huge boon to businesses looking to save costs without sacrificing productivity. NexTraq, which specializes in fleet tracking. It has been in business since 1989, giving them over 20 years of experience in the field.

Final thoughts

As you weigh your alternatives, compare businesses according to the qualities that matter most to you. If, for instance, driver safety is your top priority, research the various services. Safety features and alerts in addition to their driver coaching and feedback possibilities. Optimal fuel efficiency and vehicle condition can be achieved by combining features like fuel tracking, maintenance scheduling, and navigation optimization. Therefore, it’s essential to shop around for these.

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