Ten Most Expensive Gemstones In The World

Expensive Gemstones In The World

Even though a clear shining diamond is the most sought-after and popular gemstone, it doesn’t mean it is the most expensive one out there. Earth is packed with some beautiful stones, outshining one after the other. The rarest or most challenging to maintain gems call for higher price tags.

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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond tops the list when talking about the most expensive that leaves every other gemstone behind, no matter how beautiful. The mesmerizing blue hue owes to the traces of boron.  

Blue diamond accounts for a jaw-breaking price of $3.93 million per carat. This price might be exorbitant, but this rare diamond is hard to come by. 


Jades are known for their sleek allure and elegance. It is an invaluable asset that is in the spotlight. You will find jades in each quality ranging from cheap to pristine. 

Pristine quality jade can cost you up to 3 million dollars per carat. The Jadite has been used for ornamental purposes for thousands of years.

Pink Diamond

The third most expensive gemstone after the top quality jade is Pink Diamond. Just like blue diamonds, pink diamonds are rare, and that’s why they are valuable. This year their standard price is $1.2 million per carat.

The most famous pink diamond is the ‘Pink Star,’ known for its clarity and marvelous color.

Red Diamond

Similar to pink diamonds, Red diamonds are also fancy and eye-catching diamonds. With a cost of $1 million per carat, they stand tall as the 4th most expensive gemstone worldwide. 

They are highly coveted due to their beautiful color, which comes from the dispersed atoms of nitrogen and boron. If you want to buy a gift for your loved one, red diamonds will undoubtedly make them touch cloud 9.


You must have heard of Emerald at least once. But God, they are expensive for sure. You will see them embellished in the stores with an eye-watering price of $100k per carat. The color varies from bluish-green to medium green and deep green.

Some too many scammers market fake stones treated with color. Check their authenticity as you do in an online casino with a welcome bonus before settling for the right one.


Even though not known to many, Painite is in the top 10 most expensive gemstones. It is a sporadic form of borate that comes in various reddish hues. You can find fiery red, pure red, brownish red, or orange-red Painite in the market.

It is among those gemstones that are rarely treated and sold as crystals. They cost a lavish $50k per carat.


One of the rare gems in the world is Musgravite. This graceful stone comes in various colors, from olive green to teal to vivid violet. Each color comes with its price tag. But the usual price of this striking gemstone as of 2023 is about $35k per carat.


With a valuable price of $35k per carat, Taaffeite is usually used for delicate jewelry articles. Unlike other rare gems, Taaffeite has a hexagonal crystal lattice that further adds to its value. 

You will be fascinated by its range of colors, such as gray, colorless, pale green, medium green, pink with purple undertones, and even violet. Crazy!


Grandidierite was first discovered in Madagascar. It now holds a value of $20k per carat. It is a rare mineral gemstone that has graceful blue tones. The higher presence of iron means a deeper blue color. You can get them in a range of colors such as; Blue-green, colorless, colorless to yellow, or dark green.


Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a beautiful diamond necklace? Diamond is the most popular gemstone that people love to buy. This precious stone has the highest sales among gems throughout the world. 

Diamond accounts for $15k per carat on the standard scale this year. Remember, we are talking about crystal clear diamonds that are translucent white.


In summary, many rare gems account for high prices based on their demand, rarity, and maintenance. Embellish yourself with the ones that draw your heart, and your bank account can afford them.

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