Guide 101: All You Need To Know About The Catamaran Charters In Greece

Catamaran Charters In Greece

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Nothing beats ultimate freedom and a high level of luxury while on vacation. The best feeling has the freedom to choose what to do, when, and how to do it. Unlike public means of transport, such as ships and planes, where you work with timed schedules, a catamaran charter gives you a high degree of freedom to enjoy your vacation.

Catamaran charter is ideal for sailing through various islands in ultimate luxury accommodation, ample free, and comfort. It’s the best way to have a superb sea experience. Catamaran is the best deal whether you are a group wishing to sail together or a large family. There are a lot of luxurious and recreational features and activities you can expect from a catamaran charter.

Though there are many types of catamaran charter worldwide, ranging from BVI to Croatia, this article will focus more on catamaran charter in Greece. Are you planning or fantasizing about enjoying your next vacation in Greece? Do you think you can make your sailing to various islands in Greece memorable? Catamaran Charter is the way to go! This article will guide you through the most important things you need to know about the catamaran charter in Greece.

Why a Catamaran Charter?

Before we look at various essential things you need to know about a catamaran charter Greece let’s first understand why you are choosing it in the first place. First, you must note that a catamaran is one of the most stable boats you can sail on. It is well-balanced on two hulls, making it very stable and easy to handle. Further, it provides you with luxurious roomier space for you and your family, both up top and underneath the deck. It is also fully equipped with sporting activities equipment, a kitchen, and other exciting features.

If you don’t know how to sail, several navigation options exist. You can get a professional skipper, crewed catamaran charter, bareboat catamaran charter, and cabin catamaran charter. You have enough options to enjoy your sailing with a catamaran charter in Greece.

Here Are Important Things You Should Know Before Booking a Catamaran charter In Greece

You Have To Be Flexible

The weather has a great effect when it comes to sailing. Therefore, flexibility is essential if you want a successful and better trip. No matter how much you wish to go a specific route or visit a particular island, if the weather is not conducive, such as strong winds, you may not be able to and must change your course. It’s worth noting that strong winds can force you to change your routes or itinerary during specific times of the year; therefore, you need to know the time you are sailing and its weather patterns. A skipper will always guide you through the safest route to take.

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Know the Sailing Hours

Knowing the exact number of hours you want to spend sailing is essential. This will be very important in planning and determining the itinerary. Sailing for long hours means you have less time for activities such as the beach, swimming, and sightseeing. If you have children, you can minimize the sailing time, sail in the early mornings, and get enough time for other activities during the day.

Catamaran Cost

Most people fail to fulfill their dream of sailing on a catamaran charter since they fear the cost. They feel it’s not affordable and unattainable. However, compared to the ordinary land-based vacation, which includes meals, ferry costs, transportation, and accommodation, you will realize that chartering a boat is affordable. The best and most realistic way to know how affordable it is is to compare the two types of vacation. 

The biggest mistake you can make is to conclude that chartering your boat is expensive without making a comparison. You will spend the same or more money on a land-based vacation than on a catamaran charter. You will end up missing a wonderful sea experience.

Be Realistic In Your Planning

Sailing on a Catamaran is luxurious but slow-paced. It may be different from other means of traveling you are used to. However, it’s best for relaxing and enjoying the sea and the beautiful atmosphere. This is where you get a peaceful moment to enjoy the water ecosystem. Therefore, if you plan to visit several islands, you need to consider the sailing time and the time you have. 

It would help if you were realistic about the number of islands you can visit within a given period. For example, if your vacation takes one week, you can visit a maximum of five islands, subject to the activities you want to participate in on each island. You can adjust your itinerary or sailing hours. This is the beauty of a catamaran charter; it gives you a high degree of freedom.

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On Board

While on board, you can choose to have a skipper or not. If you choose to have a skipper, they should guide you through the activities you can participate in on every island, the best route to take depending on the weather, and help you locate museums or recreational centers, shopping areas, best restaurants, or water sports such as kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, or fishing among other sports. 

While on board your Catamaran Charter, you should access and enjoy all the services you need for your luxurious sailing. Most catamarans have enough sports equipment, so you can confirm what is available before starting your sailing.

Dining on Catamaran

Sampling excellent Greek food is an impressive experience that you should not miss. It’s the best way to create lasting memories about your vacation, especially for your children. Therefore, don’t miss such a fantastic opportunity while you enjoy sailing on a luxurious catamaran charter.

The catamaran charter in Greece has thoroughly modern equipped kitchens. This means you can easily prepare and dine while on board. However, ensure you check with the charter company about the available equipment in the kitchen before starting your journey. Moreover, you can hire a private chef to help prepare your meals as the whole family enjoys sailing. Imagine how beautiful and fulfilling to dine on the deck while enjoying the sea aura and beautiful moonlight.

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Wrapping Up

You make your next vacation memorable by chartering your boat. The modern catamaran charter in Greece is well-equipped to enhance your experience while you sail from one island to the other. They also have adequate water sporting equipment for all the sports you wish to participate in. 

If you are unsure what activities and various itineraries to participate in, request a skipper to guide you. Further, a skipper will also provide you with other crucial information, such as the beautiful sites to visit, the best routes to take, and the best time to sail, depending on the weather. 

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