Stuck For New Content Ideas? Here’s How Your Old Blog Posts Can Help Get You Out Of A Bind

old blog posts

Constantly coming up with new content ideas is way harder than most people imagine – especially if you want each new piece to be highly effective.

So, what do you do? Because there’s only so much in the way of ‘content curation’ you should do when trying to fill in the gaps between your fresh posts.

Fortunately, we might have a solution for you; here’s how your old blog posts can be used to get you out of a bind…

1. Turn a single blog post into multiple posts

One thing you can try is to go back and look through your old blog posts to identify certain pieces that can be broken down into smaller ones.

Take this article as an example: “Keywords for SEO: 4 Tips on How to Choose the Best.” In the article it lists 4 different tips when conducting keyword research, but it doesn’t go into much more detail beyond that.

So, what you could then do, is create 4 detailed blog posts that offer an extensive guide on each of those 4 points listed in the blog and link to them individually.

Not only do you have x 4 more blogs to share on social media, but you’ll also be expanding your web content within your website.

2. Refine and expand older posts

Go back and look at your older posts. Are there some which are still receiving a fair amount of traffic that could use some work?

First, make sure that all of the information is still relevant. Have there been new studies conducted? Can you update the statistics?

These simple adjustments can make a huge difference.

Additionally, you can try expanding on old posts, adding new information, updating your imagery, and even creating infographics to accompany them.

Once you’ve breathed new life into an old post, you can share it again!

3. Republish on select websites

Though it is widely agreed that duplicating content is a sure fire way to get penalised by Google, there are indeed a select few websites that allow you to do this without any repercussions.

For example, you can republish some of the existing blogs on your website on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn and you will not be penalised for it. Instead, you can get your favourite articles in front of an even wider audience!

4. Break a blog post down for social media

You can use social media for more than just a place to share your existing blog posts. In fact, you can take a single blog post and break it down into multiple social media posts.

For example, a blog on the benefits of working with an SEO agency in Singapore could be published as a series of individual Tweets. Following that, you can screenshot each Tweet and add them to Instagram as a carousel.

Alternatively, you can transcribe a blog post into a video for YouTube. The options are seemingly endless.

5. Create a list post

You can also create a list post featuring a number of your existing articles. For example:

  • Our top 10 best performing blog posts.
  • Our top 5 most handy blogs on digital marketing for small businesses.
  • 10 resources that will help you become a better marketer.
  • Etc…

This is particularly handy if you are feeling a little stagnant for ideas and wish to find an easy way to get more eyes on your old content.

Conclusion: Your content doesn’t always have to be brand-new

Don’t get too hung up on the thought of producing brand-new content every single week. Sometimes it’s OK to take a break and repurpose some older content to give yourself a chance to come up with some new ideas, without losing engagement with your audience.

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