Strength And Beauty: Discovering the Unique Characteristics of The American Bully 

The American Bully dog resembles a Pitbull dog and is a joyful and affectionate friend. The American Bully was first designed to eliminate the aggressive tendencies that Pitbull breeds can pass on, despite being mistakenly believed to be a Pitbull. As a result, the Bully breed has evolved into a devoted and friendly pet that thrives particularly well in households with kids. 

It’s common to assume that big dogs are violent because of their bulk, but nothing could be further from reality. Learn more about this kind of dog in the sections below to decide if you believe they would make a good pet for your house. 

History of the American Bully Dog Breed 

You need to go back to the history of the American bully dog breed to comprehend it completely. 

Between the 1980s and the 1990s, the US was the birthplace of the American bully. The American Staffordshire terrier and American Pitbull terrier canines’ ideal genetic characteristics were combined to create the Bully through years of selective breeding. 

However, it is also generally acknowledged that other breeds, like the English, American, and bull mastiff, have all contributed to the bloodline of the American Bully. But it wasn’t until 2004 that the American Bully Kennel Club, which created breed-specific written standards, was established to recognize the American Bully as a breed officially. 

American Bully Dog Breed Appearance and Types 

The American bully’s breed standard is heavily influenced by physical qualities and desirable attributes, just like any other dog breed. The American Bully Kennel Club recognizes four distinct varieties of American bullies, differentiated mainly by mature height. These include the American Bully XL, Classic, Standard, and Pocket. 

Despite their various sizes, these dogs all share a similar overall appearance: they should be medium-sized canines with compact, muscular bodies and blocky skulls. Preferably, the head should be exaggerated-free and proportionate to the dog’s body. They should also have a heavy bone structure, broad skull, prominent cheek muscles, and pointed ears. 

Unfortunately, many American Bully owners choose to crop their dogs’ ears for aesthetic reasons, which can make them appear more ferocious and dangerous than they are. But let’s take a closer look at the breed’s physical characteristics. 


Beginning with the tiniest. Male Pocket Bully adults are under 17 inches tall, while females are under 13 inches. The Standard and Classic American Bully comes next, with males reaching 20 inches and females at 19 inches. Finally, the tallest breed, males reaching 23 inches and females reaching 22 inches, is the XL American Bully. 


As you might expect, the weight of the various breeds of bully dogs varies depending on the animal’s size and gender. A pocket Bully can weigh anything from 11 to 24 pounds when fully grown, while the Standard and Classic can weigh between 60 and 80 pounds. The XL, the largest breed of American bully dog, weighs a massive 70 to 130 pounds with a stocky build and muscularity. 


American Bully dogs come in a range of hues. Although they can have three colors, they usually have two colors mixed. They come in various colors: red, fawn, white, gray, brown, blue, and piebald. 


The silky, short coat of the American Bully is distinctive. As a result, they do not shed much, which is fantastic for people with allergies. Additionally, you won’t need to groom them frequently, but we’ll discuss that later. However, because of their short coat, they may have difficulty as the temperature drops. You should spend money on a sweater for dogs for them! 


One characteristic of the American Bully that deters many people from purchasing is their disposition. People believe these canines are hostile because they frequently mistake them for Pitbulls and resemble them.  

Although untrue, the stereotype that all Pitbulls are aggressive persists across America, and many areas forbid Pitbulls from appearing in public. As a result, when they are linked to the American Bully, other people perceive them to be hostile. 

The American Bully is a very affectionate and sweet-natured dog. This is one of the causes of their breeding. This puppy’s sweet and kind disposition makes them a great family dog. They also enjoy being the center of attention and know how to express their affection by giving you lots of licks and cuddles! 

American Bully Dog Breed Training and Grooming 

Although an American Bully’s grooming needs are less exacting than other dog breeds, training is still required. Because if not properly trained, this strong dog can easily overcome you despite its desire to please. 


Despite being incredibly low maintenance, American bullies still need to have their grooming needs met. Compared to other dog breeds, their short fur hair makes cleaning them more accessible.  

The American bully’s fur is stiff, with the disadvantage of allowing dirt and debris to build up. As a result, it is advised to bathe an American bulldog at least once a month and to check it for fleas, ticks, and lice as part of grooming procedures. 

Additionally, a weekly brushing schedule should also be set to lessen the dirt and debris that collects between the dog’s hair and prevent shedding. Notably, nail trimming is advised as American bullies’ nails develop quickly. 


You must train an American bully if you want to position yourself as their leader and favorably influence their temperament and behavior. 

No matter their age, bullies are bright and perceptive dogs that respond well to training. They can be stubborn if not properly motivated, so if you want to get the most significant behavior out of them, you must be patient and constant in your training. 

The sooner you put your bully puppy on a training regimen, the better behaved your dog will be. 


The American bully is still a rare dog, despite its increasing popularity. Prices for an American bulldog puppy can reach up to $10,000, with premium bloodlines costing even more. 

The following should be considered while purchasing one of these wonderful, well-rounded puppies. Look up trustworthy breeders online. It’s advised to stay away if they still need a kennel website with testimonials and videos of their pets. 

The breeder should also be a kennel club member, be able to inform you about the dog’s pedigree, and demonstrate that their puppies have received health certificates from veterinarians. Most importantly, you need to be able to dedicate yourself to socializing, training, and taking care of the dog’s bodily requirements in addition to those. 

Although not everyone should own an American bully, if you do, be aware of this. Your dog will have undying love, dedication, and trust for you because of their contagious spirit and unique personality! 

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