Strategies and Channels for B2B Lead Generation

B2B leads Generation

Did you know that on average more than a quarter of all the professionals involved in direct and indirect sales believe that prospecting is the hardest part of their job? In order for sales representatives to be able to convert a lead into a customer, the lead has to be qualified and fit for the type of product which the organization markets.

Sourcing B2B leads is an exceptionally tricky practice when compared to finding B2C leads. An added organizational element makes all the difference, as while sourcing B2B leads we also need to cater to the organizational perspective along with the individual perspective of the professional and approach the situation with mindfulness.

We’ve curated a list of some exquisite channels and strategies which you can use to amplify the efficiency in the process of your lead generation process.

  1. Implementing a Lead Bot

A Lead Bot is basically a virtual chat assistant which is specifically targeted toward lead generation. This can perform duties such as collecting contact information by prompting your visitors to do so on entering your website, it can qualify leads on its own based on certain parameters and specify an expected rate of conversion. These bots can collect information that can help you in being prepared when you actually happen to meet your lead. This way conversion rate can be improved as you have time to prepare for the lead’s specific questions and requirements.

While setting up Lead Bots it is very important to understand which page you need to install bots on. Generally speaking, high traffic pages are the best to install lead bots as they are statistically more likely to gain the most information. The next thing which is very important is the language you use with your automated response system. It should sound welcoming and bowed down towards the user. For instance, in lieu of using “Hi, How may I help you?” try using “Hello there, bright sunny morning isn’t it. Stuck on something? Can I assist you in some way?”. Following this the lead bot should rightly direct the conversation to the proper sales associate qualified on the basis of the response of the lead to the previous question.

  1. Twitter chats

A rather unconventional channel for generating leads but if done properly, it can bring in highly dedicated customers. The use of hashtags on Twitter means that there can be discussions about a particular subject which may very well be your topic of interest. The way you can use Twitter efficiently is by showing up to these discussions not from the “Company account” but from your “personal account” and participating in such chats actively.

All you need to do is follow a lot of discussions based on the hashtags of your interest. Participate in the discussion and try to solve the problems of the users there keeping your product in mind. Take extreme care that you do not go on Twitter and directly market your product as a response to a question. Always try to deliver value with your responses.

For instance, if someone says, “My basic problem while prospecting is unresponsive emails”. You should not say, “Hey, I have a tool that removes the problem of unresponsive emails. Wanna hear more?” This might end up in people blocking you from their feed and removing you from the conversation as users generally do not like to be directly advertised to. Instead, what you may try to do is direct them to a blog on your company’s website or from your clientele which solves their issue. As a friend you should reply, “Hey my friend shared this blog with me and it is really helpful, you may check it out! ” This way you will make connections and a solid foundation for your endeavours.

  1. Quorra Questions

Quorra is a knowledge-sharing platform where questions from the general populace are answered by esteemed industry professionals and experienced individuals as well as the general public. It is a mixed bag of diversified views. The views which resonate with the most individuals are upvoted and gain the most traction.

In a similar fashion as on Twitter, here as well try to cater to the community who are looking for honest opinions and answers. Give them a generalist view but ever so slightly integrating your product into the answer smartly. Always prioritize delivering value and never directly market your product as an answer to the question.

  1. Email signature

You may at first glance fail to understand the importance of it but we have asked a lot of users and also professionals and have come to a conclusion that email signature matters! People pay a remarkable level of attention to Email signatures, at times even more than the subject line or the content of your email. So it is very important to keep updating and optimizing your email signature on a regular basis.

Crucial is to make your email signature compact yet full of value and bold. Add a company logo, mention recent awards won by your product, link to most popular blog posts about your product or customer reviews, your contact details and channels to connect back with you with a single click should a prospect decide to do so.

  1. Customer Reviews

The last time you were out on Amazon to buy a product what did you check before you made the purchase? You’re right, we are talking about customer reviews. So, you should make sure that you put authentic customer reviews everywhere on the internet. Websites such as G2 and Capterra list various products and anyone before making purchase checks the reviews. If the reviews are substantiated then you receive a sale!

So, reach out to your customers and ask them for their testimonials today!

  1. Marketing intertwined Sales 

Sales workforce can only perform once Marketing brings them leads. These two departments cannot work separately. It is important for fellows in either team to understand the importance of the folks in the other. Following are the areas where specifically sales and marketing should work in collaboration.

SEO: SEO is search engine optimization. It is the way to curate your content which you put out on the internet, in such a way so that it develops a good reputation for your content. This reflects in your pages occupying the top ranks in the search positions for varied queries. If salespeople notice a trend in a particular aspect, then the marketing team can direct the focus of SEO to keywords specific to that trend, in order to catch on to the heat

Ads: Targeted ads can be very rewarding. Sales personnel can identify specific pain points of your customers and based on that your marketing team can create campaigns and ads catering to those specific points. This will help you to tap into the group of customers who are experiencing similar issues.

Content: Creating Blog posts and social media posts is something where sales and marketing can extensively collaborate on. Salespeople who are out in the field, meeting with clients and knowing their thought process can deliver insightful inputs about what the customers are really thinking about. This can be converted into content for a very efficient social media strategy.

Which strategy to prioritize depends on your company goals, but we’ll suggest employing all the above stated in a weighted manner for maximum efficacy. Think we missed something? Have an interesting idea? Contact us at to get in touch!

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