Pull Up Banners – An Effective Marketing Choice?

pull up banners

The number and options of marketing materials for small and medium-sized companies are on the rise. In fact, such options have been ascending over many years. A pull up banner is one such tool that has greatly helped companies from several different fields to showcase their products and harness the untapped potential of the market.

With increasing competition and rising advertising costs, pull up advertising banners have become the go-to medium for most firms. They have been adopted by several major corporations too, not to mention the smaller players. The reasons why they are so widely accepted are many.

Let’s cut to the chase and make it official: purpose-made pop up gazebos and pull up banners are indeed extremely effective marketing choices. These cost-effective mediums are of significant importance where outdoor marketing is concerned.

Let us dive a bit deeper to understand why something as common as a roll up banner has gained so much traction for advertising.

What makes a pull up banner so effective?

These inexpensive and easily customisable advertising mediums can deliver your company’s message to your target audience at extremely reasonable costs. The ROI is solid and is often greater than expected. These banners can really set the stage for better brand visibility if you are aiming for a mega marketing event and have set up a marquee tent for your clients and business affiliates.

Coming back to the question of the rising prospects of these mediums, here are some commonly cited reasons that explain how something as familiar as a marquee banner has become so lucrative for marketers.

  1. Easy to design and customise: The watchword here is ‘customisation.’ There are infinite ways you can alter your company’s pull up banner design. Great ideas can be transferred onto a pull up banner to make it memorable and catchy. And the catchier the design, the better its recall value. As we mentioned earlier, brand recall is everything to your business. It is an intangible asset, one that cannot simply be bought.

There are, however, certain pitfalls when you are actively participating in providing design ideas to the manufacturer. You may not be aware of modern digital printing techniques and may not be able to get your hands on a product of the highest quality.

To avoid such scenarios, visit reliable and affordable custom roll up banner retailers Extreme Canopy. One of USA biggest retailers of a wide range of tents, commercial umbrellas and a lot of superb event display gear, Extreme Canopy specialise in full-colour, HD digital printing of on both Polyester and PVC fabrics.

We found a lot of great advice from their in-house professionals during our research for this piece.

  • Easy to install: Of the several reasons why a well-designed and attractive pull up banner mockup is so popular, one that stands out is the rapid and deceptively simple installation process. Banners are essentially rolled up in a metal plate, mostly steel. Once the entire assembly is ready for installation, simply pull it down. The standee on the rear will support it.

Dissembling them is the exactly opposite process and takes minimal time. Most banners come with their own carrying bag that make them portable and can be transported from one part of a city (or even the country) to another. Depending on the pull up banner size, the weight of the entire piece will vary.

Once again, there is an advantage here. Pull up banners are known to be lightweight, earning extra portability points. Even if you are transporting a huge roll up banner, you won’t have to fret a lot.

  • Extremely compact: A well-designed banner is supremely compact. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor usage. If you are hosting a business event where the floor space is limited, you can bank on the advantages of a pull up banner mockup. They will fit whatever space you have reserved for them.

It must be noted here that you must always get an idea of how much display space you will ultimately end up getting. Purchasing an enormous pull-up and then trying to fit it inside a tiny space is impossible. Be practical when purchasing these items.

  • Durable and reusable: These are also essential factors why pull up banners have gained so many fans in the past few years. At Extreme Canopy, for example, we came across two different kinds of fabrics for printing. One was 500D PVC-Coated Polyester fabric. The other was 580GSM PVC.

Even if we consider just a handful of examples like these, we can quickly work out that these fabrics will be relatively immune to rain, UV rays, and will also be resistant to rust provided they have metal frames.

What this means from the business perspective is a superior Return on Investment or ROI. Once you have bought a high-quality banner, it will last you for many years without too much visible damage. They will come to your aid time and again, and will be a cornerstone of all your marketing events. You must also make it a point to take care of them adequately!

  • The element of affordability: Affordability is probably the single-biggest reason why these pull up banners have become so attractive to marketers. On average, the pull up banner cost is relatively lower when compared to other mediums of visual marketing.  Of course, banners will get costlier when you start adding extra bells and whistles to it. Still, a no-frills roll up banner with professionally printed durable fabric is an investment worth every penny.

As we mentioned earlier, if your business is a relatively new one and you do not have much of a marketing budget, go for a pull up banner. They are cost-effective solutions to each of your advertising requirements. One last thing probably merits repeating: there are plenty of such banners available across the country at dirt-cheap prices. It is probably a good idea to give them a miss and purchase something that will last you longer, even if you have to pay a bit extra. You can consider Extreme Canopy as your first stop for this and a lot more different types of outdoor equipment.

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