IIT Preparatory Course – All You Need to Know!

IIT Preparatory Course

It’s never simple to get into IITs. The second component of the IIT test, JEE Advanced, must be passed. Even so, if students do not reach the minimum passing criteria, seats in IITs for SC/ST/PWD categories remain unfilled.

As there is such a high demand for admissions to the IITs, reserved places for SC, ST, and PWD applicants would not be available for long, even if they do not meet the cut-off. As a result, seats for SC, ST, and PwD reserved quotas in IITs must be filled.

Because the specified constitutional reservation prohibits general candidates from competing for the same seats, the IITs must adhere to this rule, and therefore cannot admit candidates for direct admission who have not passed the JEE Advanced cut-off. If they get them admitted directly, the quality of admission at IITs may suffer.

As a result, IITs as well as ISM Dhanbad offer IIT Preparatory Course. This course first came into existence in the 1990s.

Limited quota students can gain a spot in the IITs with the help of preparatory courses offered by the IITs.

IIT Preparatory Course – Detailed Information!

The preparatory course has been announced by IITs for the SC/ST students who do not meet the minimum passing criteria.

Qualifying for IITs is not an easy task for every student but the reserved seats in IITs for SC, ST candidates also need to be filled.  The Preparatory course of IITs is organized to improve the intake of reserved category students for B.Tech and Dual Degree programs.

So, the course is to help the students to get admission in IITs in a limited quota.

Through the course, students will be trained for one year to become eligible for the B.Tech program.

Students who will get shortlisted for this one-year residential training should successfully complete it to get admission in IITs for pursuing a B.Tech course.

Here are some more details about the program:

  • From not qualified candidates in JEE Exam around 30 to 40 candidates from the ranking order will be selected for pursuing this program.
  • The IIT Preparatory course is residential.
  • Candidates who come under the Physically Disabled category are also eligible to take this preparatory course.
  • The decision of admission will be taken by the Joint Admission Committee (JAB) once the candidates complete this preparatory course.
  • This one-year preparatory course comprises Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English subjects in two semesters. Candidates need to qualify in all these subjects after which the evaluation process will be conducted.
  • Candidates who qualify for both semesters will become eligible to get admission to the vacancies pertaining to SC/ ST.
  • Candidates who take admission in this preparatory course are eligible for all the concessions on par with the regular students during admissions to the degree engineering courses.

Centers to Pursue IIT Preparatory Course

Following are the centers that will be allotted to the students to attend the preparatory classes:

IITs Preparatory ClassesCentre Allotted for IIT Preparatory Course
IIT (BHU) VaranasiIIT (BHU) Varanasi
IIT Kanpur
IIT Jodhpur
IIT RoorkeeIIT Roorkee
IIT Delhi
IIT Mandi
IIT KharagpurIIT Kharagpur
IIT Bhubaneshwar
IIT Patna
IIT GuwahatiIIT Guwahati
IIT MadrasIIT Madras
IIT Bombay
IIT Hyderabad
IIT Gandhinagar

Once the students successfully complete the course, they may join the seats they were originally allotted.

Top FAQs on IIT Preparatory Course

Most of the students are in dilemma in regards to the IIT preparatory course. To clear their doubts here are some top frequently asked questions with their answers.

Ques – Is IIT Preparatory course good?

Ans – There are many students who have got a good experience of attending this course. They said that the syllabus of the course is the same as that of JEE Advanced.

Ques – How the Preparatory Rank List is prepared in JEE?

Ans – The shortlisted candidates are trained in IIT for one year and according to that the PASS students will get direct admission to an undergraduate course.

Ques – Who is eligible to pursue this course?

Ans – The candidates who come under SC, ST, and PwD categories who failed to qualify for the JEE Advanced are eligible to pursue this course.

Ques – Why is there a Preparatory Course in IIT?

Ans – The need for the preparatory course is because of the vacant reserved seats for SC, ST, and PwD candidates which cannot be allotted to the general category.

After taking admission to the preparatory course, the council themselves select students on the basis of their ranks in JEE.

So, this was all about the IIT Preparatory course. We have catered all the information regarding this course. Hope, you are now filled with the information about the IIT Preparatory course.

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