Procuring Addresses For Your Business Mailing List: A Comprehensive Guide


Did you know that around 59% of B2B Email marketers believe that email is the most effective channel for prospecting in terms of revenue generation?

The world is no stranger to aggressive marketing tactics followed by practitioners and the competition is cutthroat. If executed unprofessionally, these strategies may topple and go on to disrupt the reputation of your organization. Collecting emails for your list, therefore, becomes a very sharp task, requiring precision and cautiousness. 

There are a lot of players in the market selling readymade mailing lists. You should avoid them at all costs and not use them even as your last resource. Such lists are usually created from outdated databases and contain a lot of spam trap emails. Spam trap emails are dysfunctional emails used by service providers to catch spam. If you send your marketing campaigns through such lists, the IP reputation of your domain will go down and it will be a very hard task trying to get it back up. Now that we know what not to do, we are presented with the question, What can we do?

Let us have a look at some common methods of collecting leads for your email databases:

  1. Exit Pop-ups

Not all pop-ups are good. In Fact, the ones which come storming into the screen right after the user visits your website are almost never going to generate any serious leads. The intrusion at such a level is very disruptive to the mind of the customer and it is unwelcomed highly. But the ones we are focusing on are a special type of pop-ups called the “exit pop-ups”. These come only after the visitor is done reading the content on your website page and is about to exit or switch to a new page.

The difference here is, now that the user has had a good time to familiarise with your website and product, chances of him/her responding to the exit pop-up by entering their email is much higher compared to any other notifications which just ask for the email without introducing the user to the content first!

  • “Join our Newsletter” at the end

You may have visited a lot of websites displaying the offerings of their brand. One common thing which you will see in almost all high-level professional websites for reputed organizations is the “Join our Newsletter” subscription box. This is similar to the exit pop-up, the only difference being that it doesn’t pop from anywhere and is always present on the website. This can be supplemented by a call to action (CTA) button where visitors can directly interact with the product you have for them. A very sophisticated solution, if you want to undertake a conservative strategy, this is your way to go.

  • Finding emails via LinkedIn

This is one of the most tedious and laborious methods of all the mentioned above. If you are persistent enough, this will retain good results but the efficiency takes a big blow on the nose. The most general method is searching for contacts over LinkedIn through search using terms you are looking for which may include the company name, prospect position, area of work, precisely a combination of various search attributes.

Some common types of searches are:

Company Name + Founder/CEO/President

Company Name + Sales Manager/Sales Director

Company Name + Marketing Manager/Marketing Director

Even if you are able to find the perfect B2B contact, connecting with them is still an issue. Even if you are a premium LinkedIn user, you may find it very difficult trying to send the perfect cold message in case you aren’t able to get the email. This is where Leadsolo helps you!

How can Leadsolo make your life easy?

In simple words, automation. But trust me, it is more complicated than it looks behind the scenes. Still, our engineers have developed a lucid and easy to use solution to solve all your problems about building up your email database.

LinkedIn Plugin:

Leadsolo’s LinkedIn plugin can find accurate email addresses of professional B2B decision makers’ profiles you want to connect with. You only need to download our plugin and sign up for an account. Next time whenever you visit an interesting LinkedIn profile, just click on our plugin and you’ll have the email address at your disposal.

Website Plugin:

One of our flagship features, the Leadsolo website plugin is one of its kind. It is an extension for your web browser but with immense possibilities for a prospecting. Say, you find an interesting organization which you want to convert into a client and you want to connect with their decision-makers but are not sure which ones to target. In this case, the website plugin will extract the email addresses of all possible professionals who are working in the company at different levels of management.

Salient Features of Leadsolo:

  • Free 100 search credits per month on sign-up. No CC required.
  • Emails addresses which you collect can be exported to a CSV file.
  • List making and segmentation features allow you to make your own mailing list from the emails you found.
  • Highly accurate and Freshly verified emails.
  • Competitive Pricing structure.

We urge you to research and learn more about emails and how Leadsolo can help from our Knowledge base. If you have any queries or would like to suggest something which we missed in this article, please reach us at Happy Prospecting!

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