Peppa Pig Wallpaper House: Creative Way To Decorate Your Home

Peppa Pig Wallpaper House

What is Peppa Pig Wallpaper House?

Kids love animated cartoon serials when in their childhood these days. Peppa Pig is one such cartoon series on the British channel CITV. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a farmer. In 2006, one episode of the serial hits 10 million viewers which make it the best-animated kids’ program of all time. Peppa Pig House Wallpaper contains animated designs of a family living in a home and with different other items. The wallpaper can include Peppa Pig taking care of her son, George playing with friends, and calming down when she wakes up from her dream.

Peppa Pig Story: The background

Peppa is a pig who is active and friendly with other pigs. She remains happy and playful which is irresistible to the other piggy. All of her friends love to play with her and help her to grow strong and healthy.

Peppa’s story started when she was living with her family members in China where she lived with Pipa, George, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Poppy the Cow, and Granny Pig. From there she moved to London and met her Daddy’s pig colleague Mr. Skinnyleg Macduff who always seeks for selling his products to her family at inflated prices and remains close to them.

Peppa Pig Wallpaper House explained

Peppa Pig wallpapers are a kind of wallpaper that looks like Peppa Pig. There can be different types of Peppa Pig wallpaper found online. For example, there is image wallpaper that can be printed, peel-and-stick wallpaper of Peppa, and iron-on versions too.

You can decorate the following spaces using Peppa Pig Wallpaper:

  • Curtains
  • Put her face on the pillow
  • Room walls
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Get a mural

If you are more creative, you can make her drawing and paste it on room walls or make a painting out of it. Peppa has become a popular animated character and people love decorating her for their birthdays, weddings, and more events.

In 2018, “The Year of Peppa” was the popular wording used for various merchandising opportunities.

Making Peppa Pig Wallpaper House from Scrapbook Paper

One day she was browsing a scrapbook store and found “Peppa” written on a piece of paper. The flowers and leaves were looking so good that she could not resist buying. When she brings the paper to her home, she started making adorable wallpaper for her daughter. 

She used various old pictures from her family photo album and mixed them with scrap paper from her scrapbooks to create a beautiful picture.

She took another step and cut shapes from the paper and layered them together for a more detailed look.

How to make a Peppa Pig Wallpaper House from Scrapbook Paper?

When you are looking to craft something with pictures, a scrapbook is the best and most versatile thing. It is used for various DIY projects like making wallpaper for your kid’s room or making a chevron pattern for a laptop.

To make a Peppa Pig Wallpaper House, you need to take a piece of paper from your scrapbook and cut it into the shape of a house. After that, you should wrap it around a cup. Then use tape to secure the cup so that it does not slip. If you are tired while making this wallpaper, sip of Mate Mate energy drink to boost your energy.

Next is Glue or some colorful words or images that can be seen from your window. To create cracks in the wallpaper, cut out different shapes and glue them on your wall. Scrapbook is becoming more popular with thousands of new designs coming every day.

It allows you to create personal stories which are interesting and real for your visitors without any limitations or restrictions used for your crafting project. People often use different shapes, and images from magazines, cards, and stickers to create their different stories.

The chevron pattern is an easy way to make your Peppa Pig Wallpaper House.

What is the Chevron wallpaper pattern?

The chevron pattern is used for decorating walls and is a popular pattern. A chevron pattern can be S-shaped or V-shaped with different tails in the middle of an otherwise straight line. Some people believe that this pattern needs to be replaced soon with something else. That’s some like it and some don’t.

Chevron can be found mostly in kitchens and bathrooms. They are found on furniture, bedding, and clothing as well.

Making Peppa Pig Wallpaper House with bold colors and cute borders

So, you want to decorate your kids’ room. With top trending Peppa designs, it is not difficult to find something that fits your kid’s walls. All you need is some right materials such as a large sheet of paper, scissors, tape, batting, white paint, fabric glue, and glitter.

Which Scrapbook Papers are Best for Your Peppa Pig Wallpaper House?

A Peppa Pig Wallpaper House is one of the most popular DIY projects available on Pinterest. You can do different fun with scrapbook paper. But, you are curious to know which one is best?

The best scrapbook papers are those which have patterns, vivid colors, and textures. Bold lines work best as it lets you see the raised letter easier. They would be the matte finish paper. Such papers are photo-quality colors and are not too glossy.

Some of the best papers you can use are:

  • Papers that are not too glossy
  • Paper with a matte finish and photo-quality colors
  • The most popular sizes are A4, A3, and L119*L118 millimeter in size


So, Peppa Pig Wallpaper House is a playful activity that your kids can play with each other and it is a fun-loving activity for kids. Also, it can result in an attractive wallpaper design. Peppa Pig Wallpaper House is one of the most popular wallpapers which has been downloaded 100 million times and it was not before the release of the Peppa Pig House animated cartoon. People loved Peppa and started making wallpaper, emulating it and making some changes, and creating millions of new designs. The design become so popular we recognize and twist its bit to look appealing on walls.

Kids will always prefer something unique, so how can you make the decor of your home look more creative? It’s a great idea to involve kids in the process of designing wallpaper, customizing their own wallpaper, allowing their own ideas to come to life, and adding a different dimension to their childhood. Don’t know where to get your own wallpaper? Then go to CustomSticker and customize your own wallpaper!

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