Modern Favourites: Best Contemporary Sofas, Chairs, Bar Chair, Lighting


Are you looking for modern furniture designs for your contemporary interior? We know the struggle, there are countless options out there. So here’s list of some of our current favourite pieces to give you ideas on what to pick for the ultimate modern space.

  1. Togo Style Sofa

Togo Style Sofa provides ultimate comfort and modern style to any interior with its timeless design. An ergonomic piece that you can spend a whole day lazing in or just gazing at. Designed in 1973, it remains trendy in modern times especially recently with its rise in popularity among celebrities. It’s a quintessential piece for city living.

The Favn Sofa was designed in 2011 bringing together Danish and Spanish design qualities in one single colourful piece. The spacious seat not only allows comfortable seating but is an aesthetic addition to any room as well. It comes in a variety of colour palettes guaranteed to make any room brighter and more sophisticated.

The popular Orange Slice Chair was designed in 1960 and remains just as fresh today several years after its first production. It has since gone on to become an iconic symbol of the 20th century. The organic shape contributes to the chair’s contemporary look making it a must-have piece for your modern space.

The Masters Chair was made as a tribute to three masterpieces, Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen, Tulip Armchair by Eero Saarinen, and Eiffel Chair by Charles Eames. The combined silhouette produced from the hybrid of these three originals makes for a unique piece that is a definite conversation starter. The Masters Chair is clean, modern and sleek, the perfect chair for contemporary aesthetics.

The Tolix Bar Stool boasts a sleek industrial design built to be sat on or to hold items. It was designed in the 1930s but remains popular until today with its simple and timeless design. The frame is stackable, and the footrest is at a perfect height to rest your feet. It’s a forever piece that makes a perfect addition to a contemporary space.

Designed in 1952, the Ant Chair continues to make waves in interior design with its classic look inspired by the shape of an ant. The curves and the lines of this unique piece presents a contemporary silhouette that makes it a modern and sophisticated chair fit for your dining space, living room or study. The delicate structure belies the durability and strength that comes from the structure of the chair.

The Panton S Chair pioneered the technique of making a chair from a single piece of plastic material. Produced in the 1960s, the chair’s S shape remains distinct and popular until today. Despite its unconventional structure, the chair is extremely durable and makes for a comfortable sitting experience. The plastic material and the modern curves of the chair can complement any contemporary interior.

Modelled after the shape of a woman’s hat, the Vertigo Style Ceiling Lamp is generously proportioned and creates the illusion of weightlessness adding sophistication to any room that it is placed in. The lines of the lamp create a unique silhouette giving it that industrial chic and 20th-century retro style.

The VP Globe Lamp is a fun and funky pendant lamp that features a transparent acrylic globe enclosing reflectors suspended in steel chains. The lamp creates a futuristic look with its see-through shade and splashes of red and blue colour on the hanging reflectors. The Globe Lamp is a sophisticated addition to the dining room, hallway or corridor. It stands on its own both as a lighting piece and an accent piece.

  1. Artichoke Lamp

The Artichoke Lamp was designed in 1958 and remains iconic until today. Inspired by the shape of an artichoke, the lamp was created by overlapping metal sheets to create a shade around the lighting source. The metal shades create a soft illumination that can brighten and beautify any interior. The Artichoke Lamp is popular in some of the world’s finest establishments for its unique and sophisticated design. 

  1. Arc Floor Lamp

Street lights were the inspiration behind the Arc Floor Lamp. This inspiration combined with creative ingenuity produced the Arc Floor Lamp, industrial and sophisticated, it provides an overhead lighting source without the need to drill holes in the ceiling. The overextended arching arm of the lamp combined with the marble base creates a unique silhouette that can add character to any room.

  1. Equatore Table Lamp

The Equator Lamp combines a classic silhouette with unconventional glass material for the shade. The original design creates an equator with two luminous discs placed in a central metal band. This combined with the slim metal base and stem creates a sleek and modern silhouette that makes this table lamp perfect for contemporary aesthetics.

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