Learn Where do Archived Emails Go in Gmail

where do archived emails go in Gmail

Summary –  Let me ask you one question, do you think where to find archived emails in Gmail? You’ll get your solution in this upcoming blog. You can also use a third-party tool, i.e, Gmail Email Backup Tool which is opted for by Sysinfo. 

As we all know that Gmail is a part of Google Workspace. And it is a set of collaboration and productivity that assists individuals as well as businesses to stay on top of everything. Here, we can easily send or receive emails, create an address book and also perform other tasks in it.  

If you want to archive your emails or clean specific emails from your index, you can quickly mute or archive them. But when you archive the specific mail, the message will hide from your Inbox view. These are such mailbox messages that are stored at one particular location. 

Before going ahead, where do archived emails go in Gmail?

Different Methods to know where do archived emails go in Gmail? 

All archived emails are available on your Gmail and you can check them as per your requirement. Such emails don’t contain any label like Inbox Mailboxes. There are two methods to know where archived Gmail go. The first is done manually and the second one is done professionally. 

Method 1: Where can I find my Archived Emails in Gmail Mannually? 

If you are facing any problems while chucking your archived emails in Gmails, Don’t worry! We have mentioned some steps manually. You can easily follow them. 

  • First Log in to your Gmail Account. 
  • On the left-hand side, click on the more option. 
  • Then, scroll your mouse and click on the all mails button. 
  • Select the specific emails which you want to move to Inbox. 
  • In the end, confirmation of those specific emails will show on your PC to verify that your emails have been transferred to the emails. 

What are the limitations while performing manually?

  • There must be technical knowledge as per the requirement of where to find archived emails in Gmail.
  • Finding archived emails is very complicated in the All emails folder. 
  • For non-technical users, this method is very typical to use and follow the steps. 

Method 2: Where do I find Archived Emails in Gmail Professionally? 

You’ve already seen that applying the manual method seems very complex and challenging. But don’t worry at all! We have a third-party utility, i.e, Gmail Email Backup Tool. This utility has the feature to back up archived emails in Gmail and so many different email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, and many more! This tool can easily be compatible with Windows as well as Mac. 

This utility migrate Gmail to Office 365 , Yahoo Mail, AOL and various other email clients. It also assists in downloading and exporting vital data from a Gmail account. Using this software, users can also get the benefit of backup up Gmail emails in different file formats. And the best part of it is that it keeps the data safe and secure with 100% assurance. 

Let’s have an induction!

In the above blog, we’ve discussed where do archived emails go in Gmail. We have also mentioned that there are two different methods to know where are archived emails in Gmail. The first one is the manual method which is very complex as well as difficult for both the users – technical and non-technical. And the second one is all about the an Professional Solution.

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