How to Promote the Ludo Application? 7 Strategy Should be Follow

Ludo Application

A relatively popular game for decades has been Ludo. You remember playing Ludo with your family when you were a kid. Because of that, it’s also known as the family game. In the modern version, payments are made on screen. With millions of active users worldwide, Ludo King has been one of the most successful mobile game developments this decade. People worldwide are gaining immense popularity and love for Ludo King.

The multiplayer cross-stage functionality supports Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Also, local multiplayer and computers can be used to play this good game offline. Playing the game is enjoyable because of its style and overall happy-go-lucky feel. However, for being in-game zone, the utmost step you need is to find the best Ludo app development company.

Ludo game application: Crispy Facts

  • Among the games like Rummy, Teen Patti, and Poker, Ludo is a proud member of the top 5 most widely played in free time.
  • The gaming app had a net worth of $285 million in 2020 and continues to grow.
  • The application received 4.5 stars within a short period of time after it was launched
  • Family and friends love the game because it offers multiplayer gaming modes with an impressive UI and UX interface.

Ludo game Clone App Features

The interface that is user-friendly

The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for developers to learn and use it quickly and effectively.

A cross-functional approach

Ludo supports cross-functionality. Today, multiple operating systems are on the market, making developing code for each very time-consuming and expensive.

Play with friends and earn rewards

Any gaming app must engage its players and turn them into loyal gamers in order to be successful in the long run.


In Ludo, gamers can play both single-player and multiplayer modes. Families and friends can play the game together.

Chat live via text and video

It is possible to integrate live text and video features into the Ludo game in order to improve the user experience. As a result, the game becomes an engaging platform where users can communicate with each other. To avoid the hassle of typing repeatedly, users can have video chats.

Bonuses every day

The advanced levels can be unlocked and bonus points can be won every day.

Using the offline mode

There is yet another very important feature that needs to be incorporated into Ludo’s mobile gaming app.

Get your friends involved

Users can play Ludo with their friends and family at a private table, reliving their childhood memories.

Real Money Play

As a result, they will be motivated to play the game and earn some cash. In addition to attracting new players, this feature will help the game’s owners increase revenue.

Rankings worldwide

A real-time ranking system makes this game even more addictive and exciting.


The game is played worldwide, so there is a bilingual option, so you can easily enjoy the game in your language no matter where you are.

Chat support in real-time

A live chat function is included in the game, which allows users to converse with each other while playing. The feature has enabled users to play the game and make various strategies while interacting with each other.

Mode Rush

As a result of this mode, the game has become more competitive and interesting within a short period of time.

The mission

A variety of missions and challenges can be found in the game at different levels.

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That’s a lot! It raises one question – there are so many similar types of multiplayer games on the app stores, so what is it about Ludo that makes people rave about it? Is it the features, the user interface, or the user experience? Or an amazing app marketing strategy? The answer to the question is two, which shed light on the unique approach Gamestation (the company behind Ludo king game) took to make the app successful. Let’s examine the strategies, shall we?

What are the strategies to follow for the Promotion of ludo application

Reviving an age-old tradition

The board game Ludo originated in Medieval India, where Kings played it with their queens in the royal houses, despite its reputation as a British board game. As a part of India’s cultural lifestyle, Pachisi is widely regarded as an entertaining game played by children. It connects Indians to their past in a similar way.

Unrealized gap filled

It was fun to play the traditional board game, but there was no feeling of suspense, thrill, or excitement. There are different types of sounds produced during achievement, failure, winning, and losing in Ludo King. Moreover, playing the traditional way of Ludo signifies the element of uncertainty that may prevent the player from even home a single token, while the opponent may home all four.

Success through innovation

A copy-and-paste of game app ideas will not bring success in the entertainment industry, according to the game’s founder. The key to growth and improvement is innovation, which he has demonstrated with aplomb.

Ads are not visible enough

Aside from in-app purchases, in-app advertisements are the company’s primary source of revenue, but it employs this strategy tactically. Users don’t have to worry about ads interrupting their game play, since they appear only after they finish the game. This prevents the frustration of ad bombardment, so users don’t stop playing.

Another booster is the multiplayer feature.

Games that allow players to play with friends online have proved to be the most successful in the game industry over the last decade. Here, players are able to play with friends privately online or with other players around the world and with the computer or friend on the same device offline. In addition to offline play, the overall user outreach has increased with offline play.


There is a secret to the success of the game app, and it lies in the impeccable development and unsurpassed design, but they are not everything. A brilliant marketing strategy is necessary to spread the app’s wings further. A spokesperson for Ludo King said the company does no marketing for the app. What they do is design the app in a way that engages users, enhances user experience, and keeps them playing without spending a lot of money. This is an intelligent marketing strategy, isn’t it? It is, without a doubt. Take advantage of the strategy that best suits your app to get millions of downloads and taste success. If you are looking for a clone app then connect with BR Softech, one of the finest Mobile game development companies in the USA.

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