How to Plan YouTube Marketing Success?

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Many a time YouTube marketing is considered a low priority for many companies.

If this is true for you as well, then you are losing big time in not including this second biggest search engine as a part of your marketing campaign.

Numbers show that YouTube has nearly 2 billion monthly users’ logins. In the US market, it is the most accessed online platform.

As people love to watch visual content the most, it gives you a great opportunity to use YouTube to post interesting contents that would allow you to engage with your audience better.

To do this you must have a dedicated YouTube channel for your brand in which you should post quality content regularly to get the attention of your target audience.

To know more about how you should plan your YouTube marketing in a step-by-step manner, read the article below.

6 Steps to Follow for a Successful YouTube Marketing Campaign

The steps mentioned here will allow you to set up an effective YouTube marketing strategy to attract the audience and improve customer acquisition.

Create your own YouTube channel

The first step in planning YouTube marketing is creating your YouTube channel.

Instead of using your regular Google account to create the channel, you should do it through your brand account that will allow multiple authorized people to log in at the same time.

The brand account will also give you the option of opening and managing more than one YouTube channel.

Know about your audience

One of the first rules of marketing is to know intimately what your target audience wants.

If you have a YouTube channel for your business, then you can use the analytics tab to learn more about the demographics of your audience so that you can create content that they will like.

For example, if the predominant age range of your target audience is between 15 years – 25 years, then they are more likely to watch YouTube on mobile.

Furthermore, younger audiences are more likely to look for short content.

You should go through the feedback that your audience has given in the form of comments to find more about their preferences and interests.

These stats will give you an idea about what type of content your audience finds interesting and can connect with the most.

This will help you to brainstorm about any new content that you want to create to attract more eyeballs.

Find out more about your competitors

Knowing your audience is not enough, you also have to find out more about your competitors to figure out how your YouTube channel stacks up against theirs and also identify new opportunities.

To identify your competitors, you can make use of the free Google ads keyword planner. It will help you to find the ranks of different companies based on the keywords that are relevant to your brand.

Make a list of five top companies who are your competitors and then write down their key metrics that include the viewership stats and subscriber’s account.

This data can be used as a benchmark against which you can compare your channel. Read through the comments of their audience to find their interests and figure out whether they overlap with yours.

Now do a SWOT analysis to identify the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats posed by the competitors.

This will also give you a chance to find out what strategies are working and what is not, which in turn will help you to create a niche for your own YouTube channel.

Optimize the Video Content

To get more views you must optimize your videos by focusing on titles, keywords, descriptions, and others.

Make sure that the title is within 60 characters so that it can be fully shown and not cut off by YouTube’s algorithm.

As the title of your video is one of the most powerful elements that convey to YouTube’s algorithm about your content, you must be very careful in writing it with relevant keywords.

You should also create an attractive thumbnail that is creative and stands out from the crowd. It should be relevant to the content of your video.

Cards, end screen, watermark, bumper ads are highly clickable CTAs and can also improve the engagement of your content.

Regularly upload contents

It is important that after you have opened your YouTube account, you must regularly upload videos at those times, wherein you are likely to get high viewership and engagement.

Regularly posting content will allow you to keep the interest of your subscribers engaged and you can also cross-promote your content on your other social media channels from the same dashboard.

Collaborate with an influencer

If you want to expand your reach and attract a wider audience, then you should collaborate with YouTube influencers.

Research shows that a sizable number of YouTube subscribers are likely to follow the advice from their favorite YouTube influencer.

They find them easier to relate to and have confidence in their suggestions. An influencer can help improve your reliability and trust amongst your target audience.


For a successful YouTube marketing strategy, you should use the various tools and extensions available online.

The tips that we have shared with you in this article will help you frame your own YouTube marketing strategy.

But if you want to grow on the platform faster, then there is a strategy. What is it?

You can buy instant YouTube views for your channel. It is the way used by various beginners and influencers entering the YouTube game. Your primary focus should be to create a relationship with your audience by using the YouTube platform. Besides this, you should also keep posting high-quality content on your YouTube channel. You will eventually succeed by following these things effectively.

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