How to Make Christmas Stickers Work for Your Business?

Christmas Stickers

Christmas is a period for businesses to increase their product sales due to massive demand for certain products for purposes such as gifting. This is also the time to sell certain products commonly associated with the festivities. Everyone is delighted for the Christmas season; hence you need to market effectively to attract the desired customers. One of the ways to market and target certain customers is to use Christmas stickers on different products you sell. 

An effective way to promote your brand, especially during Christmas, is to use christmas stickers. There are different ways you can use them for business benefits, such as using them on business products, as decoration and as a part of thank you cards. If you plan to use them, you should select the right stickers, as discussed below.

How to use the stickers?

There are various in which you can use the stickers for brand promotion and marketing. Here are some strategies, 

1. Use Them For Discount and Sales Promotion

During Christmas, most people are interested in buying products from stores that offer discounts; therefore, you need to include your discount and offers on the stickers using Christmas stickers. You need to include the exact discount values, i.e., you can include details such as 40% offers on various products such as Christmas products.

You also need to include them as a part of the sales; however, for bulk purchases, you can offer free stickers to help promote your offers and products. The stickers used for the promotion should be perfect and have all the details visible. Therefore, you need to order them from experienced creators such as  They will help you select, design and print the best stickers for your promotional needs.

2. Use Them As Promotional Swag

You can use Christmas stickers as promotional swag to attract people to your business. They can help you boost brand recognition, promote sales and promote eye-catching details to enable customers to identify your brand uniqueness.

As a promotional swag, you need to have Christmas stickers on most purchased items. You can also use them in places where people can easily see them. For example, you can make stickers for car bumpers. 

You also need to customize them effectively and ensure they include some business details, i.e., the business name. The images to use on the stickers should include the items you sell, especially those on discounts and offers. You can give them to employees to attach them to the car bumper stickers. 

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3. Add Them To Gift Bags

If you are selling gifts and other Christmas products, you can include the Christmas stickers on the gift bags, stick them in the most visible areas and use at least larger stickers for easy visibility. You can also include them in gift wraps, and do not charge for any included stickers. For the gift bags and wraps, including the brand or business log so that people can easily identify the source of the stickers. 

4.. Make Them a Part of The Cards

When sending printed or softcopy cards to your favorite clients, ensure you include the Christmas stickers at the edges, i.e., at the corners. When sending a thank you card as an appreciation to your loyal customers. 

The Christmas stickers will make the cards more memorable, and customers will feel a part of the business. You need to send the cards earlier so people can learn of your business offers or any promotions embedded in the stickers. You can also attach stickers containing the business logo or boost the cards’ personal touch. The stickers will make your cards stand out. 

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5. Customize Your Stickers

Before you print or buy the Christmas stickers, you should decide on the intended purposes. This is necessary to ensure you customize the sticker to serve a certain purpose. Customization can be an easy way to market and promote your products without much effort.  

You can also customize them in label formats, giving you space to include all the details you need to communicate to the consumers. The labels can also provide additional details, and you can easily add them to various products such as wrappings and bags. 

Factors To Consider When Designing or Buying Christmas stickers

Christmas stickers for the festive seasons need to be visible and easily notable. You should focus on various brands and sticker elements to make them stand out. 

First, consider a color that is bright enough and easily recognizable by anyone from afar. Use colors associated with charismas such as red, white, green and black. Use the rule of thumb to help you select 3 out of the 5 colors. You can also blend with other colors, especially yellow colors. 

The next element to consider is the sticker design which should entail elements such as sticker shape and size to ensure it is visible enough. Consider the edges; you can use zigzag, rectangular, circular, oval, and other creative shapes. 

You need to make christmas stickers based on the products you sell. If you are selling flowers, try to include and embed the product on the sticker unless it is a promotional sticker. You need to order or create a variety of Christmas stickers, each serving different purposes or focusing on certain products.

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Materials To Use For the Stickers

You also need to consider the materials used to create the Christmas stickers. You should consider vinyl stockers since they can last longer, are more stick, and withstand weather conditions. The vinyl stickers will be suitable for gift bags, wrappings, car bumpers and more exposed stickers. For the postcards, you should consider paper stickers with some glue; you can use them to seal the envelopes. 


Christmas stickers can be an ideal strategy if you are looking for an ideal way to promote your brand this Christmas. You need to personalize the messages you include on the posters. Use messages that will invoke emotions, such as those that will stimulate sales, remind people of family, and benefits of gifting.

Such emotional appeal can boost product demand by appealing to consumer emotions enabling them to buy the products. You can personalize the greetings and offers and target certain customers with the products to make them interested in the purchases.

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