How to make an effective event plan with your App?

Step 1: Event planning tips

Clarify the target to make an event:

Naturally, the target is too important once you purposed to make any event or activity. Considering the different apps with different orientations, the way to clarify the target would be different. In other word, you should clarify your app orientation before you clarify the event target to optimize app development.

Normally, the orientation would be divided into different stages. That is to say, you can just target the target of event on one or two of the orientation stages, and of course, if target of event is targeted on more the two orientation stages and the possibility of nice performance is predicted being higher, that is the icing on the cake.

Once you clarified your event target, you should get the event idea. By the way, what I mean by an idea is actually the theme which is considered a story or topic of the event you are going to plan. To better understand what I mean, here is a sample of Christmas event “Honor Christmas Gift Ideas”. So I think it would be pretty clear.

Event expense is also should be considered about. How much you are about to spend and what the result you expect, that is all need to be precisely calculated in your plan.

Make a Rule & Reward

Making a rule to reward participants deserves to be core of event. So to say, if the rule is not rigorous and strict, it would totally destroy the event. And also, if the reward is not suitable, it may bring negative effect to your app.

  1. Make a changeable rule

What I mean by a changeable rule is exactly a rule easy to change without negative effect on participants and your app.

2. Moderately Reward the participants  

If you simply reward participants without enough prize, they would feel board of the event. And also, if you higher reward them, it may change their budget. So, moderately rewarding the participants should be strictly considered. As for what moderate rewarding is, you actually need to pay attention to the two points: first one is to make people feel the concerning from the platform; second one is to make feel that they has already taken advantage from the event.

Promote the event

Before an event starts, you should try to expose it on a large scale. To exposure the event on a large-scale, you can write content for teasing like “Christmas event teasing” and post it on different platforms Facebook, Quora, Reddit, and so on. If the budget is abundant, it is better to purchase for advertising.

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