How To Enable Ecommerce Capabilities To Your Ghost Commerce Using An Online Site Builder Tool

Ghost Commerce

Forecast reports said online sales would reach $6.54 trillion worldwide in 2023. There is no denying that people no longer waste their time and effort buying products from brick-and-mortar stores. As technologies develop, people’s shopping behavior is shifting towards online websites. It is because of the comfort and convenience of buying products from around the world at any time.

Even business owners are benefiting from selling their products and services online in various ways. Some business owners are creating an eCommerce website from scratch, and some are turning their existing website into a fully functional eCommerce website in many ways; one such method is an online site builder tool. But there are other ways to buy or sell digital products online. Bloggers are now selling products through their blogs.

It is an interesting way to sell products online through blogs. Do you wish to have a blog page? But you might be probably wondering, where do I post my blogs? Many platforms offer content creators to present creative content; one such platform is Ghost commerce. It not only provides space for bloggers to post blogs but also offers other benefits.

Benefits of Ghost commerce

Ghost commerce
  • Ghost commerce is a CMS (Content management system) platform that will provide a proper user-friendly dashboard. It will also offer eye-catching visuals, sleek designs, and well-functional support to customers so that your blog page meets customers’ expectations and has effective functionality.
  • Ghost CMS eCommerce will offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits to your blog page that help your content rank high on the search engine.
  • Another benefit of Ghost commerce is that it will provide mobile optimization for a good customer experience for those people who use mobile phones to read your blog content.
  • The most important and main benefit of Ghost eCommerce is that it will accommodate eCommerce functionality to help sell products through your blog page using online site builder tools.

Now that you know that it is an online site builder tool, you can efficiently enable eCommerce functionality on your Ghost blog page. Let’s discuss the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of using an online site builder tool

  • An online site builder tool is a cloud-based platform that enables eCommerce functionality without having any coding knowledge.
  • It provides a unique HTML code that can be easily dragged and dropped into your blog page’s existing coding part, making your blog a fully functional eCommerce platform.
  • It also offers several other features, such as unlimited customized templates that make a professional-looking blog page.
  • With built-in SEO tools such as blog page mapping, keyword searching, and many more, it provides 24/7 customer support through phones, live chats, and messages.

Now you got all the answers except how to enable eCommerce functionality on your Ghost blog page using an online site builder tool. So without wasting any more time, let’s discuss it step by step.

Steps to add eCommerce to Ghost commerce page-

Make a Ghost blog page:

Complete the three steps- put your full name, choose any primary color and select a template related to your content. Then it will take you to the Ghost admin interface; using the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, you are allowed to create your blog content.

Add eCommerce functionality to the blog page:

By logging in and sailing through the Sales channels-(existing website section), you will get access to an online site builder tool.

Build a product:

An online site builder tool will allow you to customize the integration process using their UI tool and ask you to select the products you want to integrate. Once you are done, copy the provided code.

Paste the code:

Once you are done editing your Ghost blog content, press the “+” button and select “HTML-Insert a raw HTML card.” Now paste the unique HTML code the online site builder tool provides into the card. By clicking on the upload button, it will publish your blog content and is now ready as a Ghost eCommerce blog page.


Adding eCommerce to your Ghost blog page is easy by using an online site builder tool. It will monetize your content and help generate revenue. And now that you are aware of online Ghost ecommerce and online site builder tools, what are you waiting for? Create your blog page and find the right online site builder tool to sell your products through your blog content.

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