How To Do Squats With Long Resistance Bands?

long loop resistance bands

In this article, we will look at some variations to the squats with the long resistance band. You can do a few variations with the long loop resistance bands. Most of what people are doing is simply putting the resistance band over themselves and putting it around and just going for it. Gunning for squats is fine; there is a time to place for that if you are going for high rep ranges. You will have to get a little bit of cardiovascular working and perhaps at the end of a long band workout you will sweat.

But we are going to do is some real goal and segregation. We will discuss at how to concentrate at squats or reps between eight and maybe it twelve reps. We will also see that how to segregate and work for specific parts of the leg. Here are some suggested workouts with the long resistance bands:

Exercises with a long resistance band:

General squat

The first is the general squat, so as with squats; get the bands under your feet and shoulders. It is recommended to put not very far under your heels but just enough more back. Sometimes, if you put it in the middle of your feet, it feels uncomfortable, even though you are wearing some protections. It will not slip out and will stay at its position. This kind of places you bad a slightly, so get the band over you where you want for squats training. This type of squats are called normal standard squat. How to do the most round of the normal squats?

Now what you have to do, you just have to put your feet slightly directing to the shoulder width; get the band fixed down to put it over your head and where you get comfortable put it behind your neck. That’s all you are after to start with. Many people when they start doing squat, they just drib with gravity. So that’s not what you want to control technique; most want safety.

Squeeze your quads

Whenever you are doing up or down, a muscle will be contracting. When you are going down, your hamstrings and gluts should be contracting and pulling you down. So if you go down, imagine a big ball behind your hamstring, and you try to grip the big stability ball and pull yourself down. It will tense your hamstring and pull you right down, and then as you come up, it will contract your quads. Now you have to explode up, and at the top, when you come up, you have to squeeze your quads as hard as you can and then go back down.

Now the speed you must go for is four seconds down, no gap one second up, no gap four seconds down. It is fundamentally four down, one up, and you have not to give too much gap on either side because you have not to give the muscle a chance to relax for maximum results. You must keep constant tension on it because that isolates it, and that’s the intention.

Targeting the outer quadriceps

Another one that people primarily love is targeting the outer quadriceps. These are the intention to muscles tension and target the outer quads. It is the same principle, except it is a little more advanced. You will have to push your feet outwards frequently, so when you go down, you have to push your feet outwards as you come up, you have to move your feet outwards. You never have to stop to push your feet centrifugally against the ground, and what that does is it will put on all of the pressures. Not all of the pressures but maximum of the weight and consideration on the external squares, which exhausts them six or seven.

So you have to go down and push your feet out, and you still have to think about engaging your hamstring, depending on your level. If you are pretty new to exercise with long resistance bands, it is recommended that you purely focus on pushing your legs out. If you plan to specifically target the quads, as you go down, push out, explode up, again push out and go on.

If you want to do a little bit more progressive, try to push out, and on the way down, think about contracting as well as your cramps and glutes. That is quite a lot to think about; this is a new technique for you. So if it is, focus on constantly pushing your feet outwards. Targeting the outer quads is the second way you can isolate them.

Female Squats

Now the third way you can do variation with the long resistance band exercise and squat exercise is by taking a wider stand. This way is the best female squat. So you have to reposition the resistance band. If you take a wider stance, you can integrate more of the hamstrings and the glutes as you come up with less stress on the quads. Now you must go down and think about contracting and pulling yourself down. Always drive your knees outward by pulling your hamstrings down nice wide legs.

Now instead of contracting your quads to come up this time, you have to think about contracting your glutes and hamstrings. So as you come up, you squeeze them and push up. This will help you to automatically generate a little push forward at the top, which is excellent. Now there is no harm in these woman squats if you want to target the quads at a slightly different angle. 


So with these long resistance bands workouts will help you to target the different variations with a squat, just a few diverse to target other features. As you can see from the above discussion, just by doing simple long band exercises, you can get the maximum benefits of squats. Because you focus on engaging the muscles, you are not just doing simple up and down movements. Many people do this, but where is the goal and intent, the thought of the muscle you want to segregate? 

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