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A researcher told reporters that ghostwriting and buying and selling graduation thesis is not only an academic fraud contrary to academic ethics but also may disrupt the management order of national examinations and academic diplomas and impact the country’s educational order.

“If we look further when our classmates go to work, the doctors who treat our diseases do not understand pathology, the lawyers who defend our rights do not understand laws and regulations, and the teachers who train the next generation do not understand education. “Stories like this can be horrific, but academic misconduct does concern each of us at some point in the future,”

In another year of graduation season, the graduation thesis, the “last lesson” of the university practice course, has become a “headache” for many people. The perfunctory psychology under the excuse of “no time” and “cannot write” has spawned the demand for essay writing and spawned the grey industry chain of essay writing. Forgery, such as graduation thesis writing, has entered the university’s ivory tower.

In a blink of an eye, graduation season is approaching.

This year, she is about to graduate her senior year, and for various reasons, she took the risk and chose to buy her graduation thesis online. When the paper arrived, Xiaoyang found that the paper’s content did not match the title she gave. The other party just downloaded a few simple literary works of character analysis from the Internet, and after piecing together and pasting them at random, they gave her feedback.

Before that, Xiaoyang had provided the opening report and overall framework requirements of the thesis to the other party, and the other party said that “it can be done”.

Xiao Yang, who was unsatisfied with the result, contacted the seller. “The reason they gave me was that the title of the thesis involved too little information and could not be found on the Internet, so I could not write it.”

However, Xiaoyang, who cannot get a qualified thesis and has no other preparations, will face the situation of not being able to graduate. Even if Xiaoyang told the other party to call the police without re-submitting the manuscript or refunding the money, the other party said, “Go to the police. Didn’t I already give you the paper?”

“What kind of paper is that? It is just copied and pasted! However, I now have no choice but to keep ‘bombing’ customer service.” Xiaoyang said.

According to the address provided by Xiao yang, the reporter found this online store and found that the store is named after furniture. The name has nothing to do with writing, but the business’s content covers the writing of papers, the agency of business licenses, etc., kinds of projects.

In the thesis writing, the monthly sales volume is more than 200, which can be called “rave reviews” in the baby evaluation column. Many people left a message below saying they “successfully passed the school defense”.

Afterwards, the reporter entered the search page of, entered “graduation thesis”, and the page displayed several online shops written by ghost writers. Each online store’s sales volume is more than 100 or 1,000 people. The reporter then randomly opened an online shop and asked if he could write a law graduation thesis of 8,000 to 10,000 words.

The customer service said there was no problem and told the reporter that it would take about ten days to complete—800 yuan. When the reporter questioned the professionalism of the paper, the customer service said that it would arrange for a relevant professional writing teacher to write and revise it.

Market demand” spawns the industry chain of essay writing.

The relationship between supply and demand is why many experts mentioned to reporters in the interview that the phenomenon of modern writing and buying research papers and selling of graduation thesis has occurred repeatedly. An industrial chain of ghostwriting and buying and selling papers has formed, covering various business models such as online stores and offline, including front-end customer service, back-end ghostwriters, and other participants.

Where there is demand, there must be supply. This is an eternal principle in economics,” said Yin Bo, an associate professor at Beijing Normal University’s Institute of Criminal Law and Law School.

The reporter learned that according to the provisions of the “Interim Measures for the Implementation of the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Degrees”, whether it is an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree, or a doctoral degree, the relevant graduation thesis is required to be submitted, which means that writing a thesis is awarded Required procedures for a degree.

This is a unified national regulation.” Wang Xin, a Peking University Law School professor and executive director of the China Criminal Law Research Association, said, “In the graduation season, students are faced with various situations and may not have the energy to calm down to check materials and documents. However, submitting a graduation thesis is a legal graduation procedure, so many people take the opportunistic method and ask others to write the thesis on their behalf. In this case, there is market demand.”

After many people have repeated this path, an industrial chain of paper buying and selling has gradually formed.

In addition to the naturally occurring relationship between supply and demand, Yinbo believes that the reasons for writing, buying, and selling papers also include subcultures caused by insufficient study style. He told reporters that, on the one hand, the number of students is expanding significantly.

On the other hand, schools and teachers have insufficient academic and normative training for students, and it is easy to lose control at the regulatory level. “Academic misconduct emerges one after another and that is essay writing.”

A reporter noticed that at present, the examination of graduation thesis in colleges and universities is more about checking the duplicate of the article. However, this technical method cannot very well discover and solve the problems of ghost writing and buying and selling theses. “The more mature essay writing organizations can help students get through the duplication check stage.” Yin Bo said.

Universities strictly investigate academic misconduct, such as essay writing.

A reporter learned that, at present, the country has several laws and regulations to regulate the phenomenon of academic misconduct, such as ghost writing and buying and selling graduation thesis. There is a state of “zero tolerance” among colleges and universities. The school finds it together, handles it together, and never. Palliative.

As early as 2010, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Academic Ethics and Academic Norms in Degree Conferring Work” (referred to as “Opinions”), stipulating that in degree conferring work, degree conferring units should The fraudulent act of writing a dissertation must be dealt with seriously.

In 2012, the Ministry of Education issued the “Measures for Handling Dissertation Fraudulent Behaviors” (referred to as the “Measures”). Article 7 stipulates if the degree applicant’s dissertation is purchased, written by others, plagiarized or falsified data, etc. Degree-granting units may cancel their degree application qualifications; for those who have already obtained degrees, they may revoke their degrees and cancel their degree certificates per the law.

Degree-granting institutions shall no longer accept their degree applications for at least 3 years from the date of the processing decision.

The reporter noticed that Article 8 of the “Measures” also stipulates the handling methods for non-degree applicants to participate in the writing and selling papers. In addition to expelling students from school, it also stipulates that teachers who belong to schools or degree-granting units should be dealt with. Other staff, i.e. dismissal or dismissal from employment contracts.

The “Measures for Preventing and Handling Academic Misconduct in Colleges and Universities” issued by the Ministry of Education in 2016 also clarified that academic misconduct such as buying and selling papers, writing papers on behalf of others, or writing papers on behalf of others should be dealt with as a violation of laws and regulations.

It also stipulates in detail that degree-granting units shall, following the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Degrees and its interim implementation measures, establish and improve the punishment mechanism for fraud and fraud in degree-granting work and formulate practical measures to punish fraud and fraud. Behavior that promotes academic self-discipline.

The writing of the thesis expresses our opinions or viewpoints on issues related to the subject we study. In theory, after several years of professional study, students should have a particular ability of analysis and thinking.” Yin Bo said. However, the phenomenon of ghost writing and buying and selling papers has appeared in real life. He believes that the responsibility cannot be assigned to the integrity of students alone.

“The emergence of this problem is related to our current training model. There is a lack of targeted guiding exercises at the university stage, and students have nothing in their minds when they graduate. They cannot better discover and explain specific problems in their majors. It needs reflection.” Jimbo said.

He said that the theory and practical work of university study are still separated to a certain extent, and the simplification of the evaluation system has contributed to it.

Article 3 of the “Opinions” stipulates that degree-granting units should continuously deepen the reform of the academic evaluation system, improve academic evaluation methods, improve the assessment and evaluation system related to degree awarding, and establish scientific and reasonable academic evaluations that are conducive to improving the quality of degree-awarding. System. “Various universities have adjusted their assessments of theses and graduation projects to a certain extent.” Wang Xin said.

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