How Long Does It Take To Crack A Coding Interview?

Cracking Coding Interview

Do you want to work as a software engineer in top tech companies?

Well, the average percentage of candidates these huge tech giants accept is less than 2%. However, if your goal is to get into Google then this percentage furthermore decreases to less than 1%.

 Roughly around 90% of participating candidates fail a coding interview. So the big question is: How can you crack a coding interview easily? And How much time do you require in order to cracking the code interview?

To help you out with your coding round here is a complete guide that will help you in cracking your coding interviews in double quick time.

How long does it take to prepare for a coding Interview?

 Well, there is no exact answer to this question. It depends from Candidate to candidate.

If you are someone who is just starting to code. Then the whole preparation will take roughly around 9 – 12 months. This time period is fully dependent on your learning speed, If you can learn things faster then it is good for you.

 For other candidates who are well experienced in coding and solved a lot of questions. Then, It depends on 2 factors

  • Amount of questions Candidate solves.
  • The company you are applying for

If you are a pro in coding and regularly solve data structure questions. Then it will take around 2-3 months of hard work.

Cracking the code interview of companies like Google or Facebook can take more time. You need to practice more questions. Again, the mentioned time period depends from individual to individual.

These companies dig deep into your knowledge. They want answers to every aspect of the question.

They make sure that they are hiring the right individual for a job. As the rejection rate of these companies is so high a candidate should prepare himself well before attending these interviews.

One year plan of cracking the coding interview.

If you are a beginner programmer then it will take you around one year to become a pro. To help you start interview preparation from scratch. Here is a one-year coding plan which ensures you crack any coding interview.

Below listed are some of the topics that you can prepare in the duration of your months strategy.

Month 1:

  •  Big O,
  • Array Questions
  •  Strings:
  • First Things First you have to start from the basis. In order to crack any interview candidates should clear their basics.

Month 2: 

  • Linked Lists:
  • As of now you will have a clear knowledge of Array questions and strings.You know how coding works, Now You can easily learn

Month 3:

  • Stacks and Queues
  •  After learning concepts like Stacks and queues. By this time you have a clear understanding of FIFO and LIFO. It is the right time to practice all the learned concepts on the Online coding Platform.

Month 4:

  • Trees and Tries
  •  Trees are a complicated part of coding.You should go reach how actually trees work, What are the different types of trees?

Month 5:

  • Hashmap
  • Dictionary,
  • Graphs:
  • These are small topics with maximum usage, Practice them on regular basis.

Month 6:

  • Recursion and Dynamic Programming
  • Those two are the most important parts of coding interviews. Most of the questions are asked From Dynamic Programing so make sure you give them proper time

Month 7:

  • Sorting and Searching
  • You are half done. Now Focus on implementation. Sorting and searching in array is mostly asked questions. 

Month 8:

  • Learn about
  • system design,
  • scalability,
  • PM questions,
  • OS,
  • threads,
  • locks,
  • security basics,
  • garbage collection,
  • Now you should focus on expanding your knowledge. A recruiter can ask a variety of questions. Learning these concepts will help you in getting a thorough System Desgine Round.

Month 9, 10, 11, 12:

  • Practice competitive coding.
  • participate in online coding Competitions
  • You should focus on practice in the last 3 months of preparation. PPractice will hel you solve coding questions in double quick time

Tips to Prepare for coding round fast.

Preparation can take time no doubt. But with the help of certain tips, you can make the process a little bit faster. Beginner candidates have to work harder in order to reduce preparation time

Here are ways you can prepare better

  • Clear your basic concepts.
  • Learn Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Master any one coding language
  • Practice Competitive coding on various online platforms
  • Work on projects to gain experience.

 If you are a pro coder. You are already ahead of many candidates.

But still, you should make sure of your selection by doing certain things.

  • Practice as much as possible
  • Review Most asked questions
  • Participate in various coding contents
  • Solve DSA and array questions
  • Learn more coding languages

Coding interview process

If your resume gets shortlisted by the company, Then you have to go through the Technical interview process.

1. Initial Phone Call Round

It is the first interaction between HR and the candidate in the interview. During this phone call, HR asks questions like.

  • Why do you want to join the company
  • What are your past experiences
  • Have you ever worked on any project? (If yes Explain to them what your role was).

Be honest with your answers and sound confident.

2. Technical round

This round is all about the candidate’s technical skills. It is generally you will be given 2-3 Coding questions, and have to solve them in a given amount of time.

  • The main purpose is to understand your technical knowledge of a particular question.
  • To Check whether the candidate has knowledge of Algorithms

Mostly the given questions are basic. If the candidates find a way to solve these questions. They are called for an onsite Interview.

3. Onsite interview

If you have qualified for the technical round then you will be called onsite for an interview. Here Candidates have to face the recruiter face to face.

You will be evaluated on the basis of your

  •  Candidates Knowledge
  • Skills Set of Candidate
  •  Behavior of the Candidate

Every answer should be impressive and should be given with confidence.


Cracking a code interview is a time taking process no doubt. For some who are just starting, it might take around 9-12 months. Professional coders are a little bit ahead of beginners as they can cover the whole process in 2-3 months.

Solving Most Asked Questions can reduce your preparation time. However, learning DSA increases your selection chances. 

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