Honor Band 6 User Guide Step by Step Tutorial

Honor Band 6 User Guide Step by Step Tutorial

Touch Screen and physical button Basic Operating

Honor band 6 is equipped with 1.47-inch touching screen and one physical button on the right side.

1. Swipe down at home page to use the shortcut of features

2. Swipe up at home page to read message notifications

3. Press the physical button to get the menu of all features on Honor Band 6.

4. Swipe left or right at home page to view the related data including heart rate tracking, stress tracking, weather, music control and step count.

5. Swipe right at any page to get back to the last page.

Pairing Honor Band 6 with smartphone

Pairing Honor Band 6 to smartphone, firstly, you download and install Huawei Health App from Huawei AppGallery, Google Play Store, or other App Stores for Android users. As for iPhone users, it is possible to get it from App Store. And then, active Bluetooth and open Huawei health App, going to the devices, and adding Huawei Band 6.


Download Huawei Health App → Active Bluetooth → Open Huawei Health App → Select Device → Pair device.

*Note: If Honor Band 6 has already been paired with another smartphone, it is needed to unpair it first through Huawei health App or directly unpair it through setting on Band 6.

Setting alarm

There are two ways to set up an alarm on Huawei Band 6, from the screen directly or via Huawei Health App.

Setting alarm on Honor Band 6

Press physical button / Swipe down to get Alarm button via shortcut → Click Alarm → Set alarm

Setting alarm by Huawei Health App

Pairing Band 6 with Smartphone → Open Huawei Health App → Click on →“Device” → Select Honor Band 6 → Set alarm

Watch Face Customizing

Custom watch face via Huawei Health App:

As for watch face customizing on Huawei Band 6, it is also possible to set up photos stored in smartphone as new watch faces via Huawei Health App, and the detailed steps is like what in the following:

Pairing Band 6 with smartphone → Open Huawei Health App → Click on “Devices” → Select Band 6 → Click on “Watch Face market” → Choose “Gallery” → Upload your favorite image from smartphone as new watch face.

Change watch face via Honor Band 6 screen directly:

It is very easy to change watch face via Huawei band 6 screen directly. Just press screen at home page for around 3 seconds tile band 6 shocked, then you can easily change watch face on Honor Band 6.

Fitness Monitoring

Firstly, Huawei Band 6 should be paired with smartphone. Then open the Huawei health app and find out “Health Monitoring”. You could turn on or off some features at next page, like sleep tracking, stress monitoring, continuous heart rate monitoring and activity reminder. As for SpO2 and female cycle monitoring, press the physical button on Honor Band 6, find SpO2 or Female Cycle, then you could use this feature.


Pairing Band 6 to smartphone → Open Huawei Health App → Click Health monitoring → Check the data

Find phone

Firstly, Honor Band 6 should be paired with smartphone. If not, this feature will not work. Press Physical button, then find out “Find phone” icon and press it, after that your smartphone will reminding you.

Remote photo shooting

Firstly, you should make sure that Huawei Band 6 is paired with smartphone, and then press physical button, find out “Remote photo shooting” and click on it. After that, the camera on smartphone will be automatically active.

*Notice: If you use this feature for the first time, and the camera of your phone is not initiated, so just open the camera on smartphone.

Music player

The music player feature is only allowed with the Android OS. Transferring music from the phone to Huawei Band 6 is not supported. This model, unlike Honor Watch GS pro, only support control playback of music on the phone.


Pairing Huawei Band 6 with smartphone → Open any music player app on smartphone →  Press the physical button on Huawei Band 6 → Find out “Music” and click on it.

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