How to improve your sleep quality?

Not only sleepless will affect people on their memory, mood, work, study, and etc. And also, it would cause negative effects and harms to human’s health, as time passed. So, having a good quality sleep will also reduce people’s risk of heart attack and stroke. On the other hand, sleep is definitely considered one of the most natural and powerful functions for the human body in maintaining their health. If you want to be energetic and performing well the next day, you need plenty of sleep.

Speaking of plenty of sleep, there are different definitions with regard to people at different ages. As people growing older, the needed duration of sleep is gradually reducing. The duration of sleep for children would be about 8-10 hours each day, and adults should sleep around 6.5-8 hours, as for elderly, the duration of sleep will be reduced to 4-6 hours.

Sleep cycle

However, when human go to sleep, they will generally experience 4 to 5 stages of a sleep cycle (Falling asleep, Light sleep, Deep Sleep, and Dreaming). According to the state of brain waves, each sleep stage is divided into “rapid eye movement” (Sleep with dreaming) and “non-rapid eye movement” (Sleep without dreaming).

In normal cases, sleep with dreaming or without it alternate about 4 to 5 times each night. The sleep cycle of adults is about 90 minutes each, while the elderly and children are slightly different. Children may have a 60-minute cycle.

Falling asleep

When people fall asleep, they will feel drowsy and able to hear what is happening around them, and they may easily get awake. At same time, muscle activity is reduced, and there may be hallucinations before going to bed. Sometimes you feel that you are still awake, but people around you say that you are asleep. This is actually a sign of falling asleep.

Light sleep

This stage is considered the beginning of sleep, which will last 30-40 minutes, accounting for 50% of the total sleep time. At this time, the brain waves gradually become irregular, while the frequency is becoming fluctuated. And also, when human experience this stage, he is hard to wake up, while the body will not response to the external environment.

Deep sleep

When people deeply sleep, their blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate have reached the lowest point of the day, which is called “non-REM sleep or non-REMs”. The duration of the deep sleep will affect the sleep quality. Once people wake up in this stage, it would be hard for them to get up, respond to external environment, and lack a sense of direction. According to the study, duration of the deep sleep should be more than 90 minutes. So that, they will actively wake up in the next day.


Everyone experiences a rapid eye movement period when muscle tension is also lowest. When people wake up in rapid eye movement (REM), they are able normally clearly remember what happened during the dream. When people wake up in non-rapid eye movement (NREM), they may not remember anything about the dream at all. This also explains why some people have dreams all night and some have no dreams.

How to Monitor the sleep quality and choose the best time to wake up?

Based on the sleep cycle at different stages, the sleep quality would be worth-discussion.

If deep sleep is concentrated and continuous, it means that the quality of sleep is relatively good; if it is scattered and short-lasting, the quality of sleep needs to be improved.

To monitor sleep quality

wearing the wearable product would be one of the best options, while you can easily check the data of your sleep quality for the whole night. Honor magic watch series like Honor Watch GS Pro could be one of the best options. you can monitor every single data in different stages. As for the price of Honor GS Pro, it sells at around 199$ in which will not break your budget. But if you are looking for a wearable product at a very lower price covering the sleep monitoring feature earlier-mentioned, Honor Band 6 could be another option for you.

To wake up at the best time,

Using Honor Watch GS Pro or Honor Band 6, you can set a “sleep cycle alarm”, when you need to wake up at the most suitable time. Once you set sleep cycle alarm, they will early-remind you preparing for sleeping at a suitable time according to the time you want to wake up in the next day.

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