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Narrow fabrics

Spica Elastic (India and Vietnam) is one of Spica Group’s core businesses which manufacture Narrow Fabrics (elastic tapes, rigid tapes, knitted tapes and medical tapes). With experience of over years, Spica has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of quality Narrow Fabrics in the world, with manufacturing units in India and Vietnam.

Growing Market for Narrow fabrics:

Today, the market for tight fabrics has undergone tremendous changes. Previously, chains were used as seat belts. This has now been replaced by a seat belt. Containers that were previously chained are now replaced with straps. Narrow fabrics are found in all varieties such as Snowdrifts, barriers, etc. Over the past decade, the narrow textile industry has experienced a tremendous boom.

Although there is no real target group, the use of narrow fabrics is concentrated throughout the textile industry. Narrow fabrics are easy to handle and easy to install. Luggage is now protected with a net, not a tarpaulin. The leather hooks used on the old Schiphol were replaced with narrow cloth bands. The rapid changes in the textile industry have made the narrow textile industry more successful.

Narrow fabrics manufactured according to industry standards are in demand due to their unique features such as attractive color combinations, durability, heat and abrasion resistance, and performance. Narrow fabrics have good market demand in India due to their cost effectiveness and availability of a variety of patterns, designs and colors.

India’s textile sector is experiencing rapid growth, complemented by aspiration and innovation. Customer preferences are constantly changing. Innovation will help the future growth of the industry. India’s clothing industry has flourished for centuries, and narrow fabrics have been used commercially in the textile industry.

Types of Narrow Fabrics and Sewing Thread:

  1. Knitted Elastics
  2. Woven Elastic
  3. Jacquard Elastic (with Logo/Design)
  4. Printed Elastics
  5. Value add Elastics
  6. Recycled Elastics
  7. Rigid Elastics
  8. Medical Elastics

We are going to discuss narrow fabric in more detail and offer you more details about it. 

What is a narrow fabric?

Narrow fabric can be defined as any fabric up to 45 cm wide with two uncut edges of the fabric on the right and left. Trims, elastic bands, lace, ribbons, and cords are just some of them.

Narrow weave is about 6-8 inches wide and has woven selvages weave on each side of the fabric. These are small strips that are practical and often used for specific purposes. Narrow fabrics have unique properties found in vehicles. The narrow carbon fiber fabric can be molded into almost any shape and is formed into a hard protective surface through the process of heat and vacuum.

Applications of narrow fabric:

1. Industrial: Narrow fabrics are commonly used for decoration. They have a wide range of domestic and industrial applications. A variety of straps and tapes with special performance characteristics are available.

Apparel Industry: The largest use of narrow fabrics is observed in the garment industry. Life jackets, duffel bags/bags, pet collars/leashes, backpacks, golf cart bag holders, horse bridles, sports equipment, camping gear and shoelaces are just a few.

2. Automotive: In the automotive sector, narrow fabrics are used for luggage carriers and child restraints.

3. Medicine: In medicine, this fabric is used to make inelastic webbing.

4. Marine: In the marine industry, narrow fabrics are used to make awnings, cushions, and curtains.

5. These fabrics are also used for special purposes (elastic and inelastic), transport, safety (belts, harnesses), sports and bags (home, duffel, advertising, skisand bags).

6. Profitable Applications of Technical Textiles: Many industries consider the technical textile sector to be of strategic importance in current and future markets. Technical textiles are becoming increasingly important in a variety of applications. Narrow fabrics are widely used in this field. There are 14 specific areas where narrow fabrics can be used only in the technical textile sector.

In 2005, the value of narrow fabrics in technical textiles was estimated at around $2.4 billion.

Spica believes in continuous modernization and has state-of-the-art equipment from market and technology leaders in their respective fields. Equipment from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK and Taiwan along with a strong technical workforce and advanced research facilities allows Spica to produce products with the latest innovation and designs to match customized requirements.

Spica recently expanded its product range to include sewing threads. Sewing threads working in the textile industry are in high demand from all our customers and we can produce our own, providing our valued customers with a more attractive product range.

Fabrics that are less than 45 cm wide and have two hem (uncut edges on each side) may be classified as narrow fabrics. Trims, laces, cords and ribbons are just a few. This fabric is used to connect the various components of clothing.

Materials such as cotton, satin, velvet, nylon, beads and fiberglass are used for the manufacture of narrow fabrics. Durable, resilient, anti-corruption, abrasion-resistant and heat-resistant, this fabric has a wide range of uses. Narrow fabrics are used in everything from appetizing wrappers in Swiss chocolate boxes to artistic costume decorations and heavy harnesses. They are also used as labels for clothing, sportswear, luggage straps, machine straps and vehicle seat belts.

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