Customize Your Own 30MM Favorite Gundam Kit Like Never Before

Gundam Kits

The world of anime is a vast expanse of storied action and intrigue. It has spanned an immense space in time and history and connected itself with a considerable following. This has led to a widespread fanbase that has surpassed the confines of countries and didn’t keep itself confined to the narrow boundaries of age or sex. The sheer scale of anime is so massive that it’ll take days to list all the popular varieties. 

However, a few animes are more popular than their counterparts. The Gandham Universe is one such anime that has made its presence felt among fans for decades. Given its popularity, Gundam’s kits are top-rated among fans. 

Why are Gundam Kits so popular?

Yoshiyuki Tomino invented the Gundam series in 1979, and it has become one of the most successful media franchises ever. An estimated $20 billion worth of revenue was produced. Numerous TV shows, motion pictures, manga, computer games, and a whole industry of plastic Gundam models were all inspired by it. 

Ninety percent of Japanese character plastic kit sales are made exclusively of Gundam. Since the franchise has existed for so long and has gained significant prominence, action figurines based on the franchise have fashioned themselves into a vast industry. These kits come in various shapes and sizes and are graded accordingly: 

  • Perfect grade
  • Master grade
  • Real grade 
  • Super Deformed 

Additionally, the Gundam model kits aren’t restricted to a single variety. Across the years, there have been several series and characters, and the gears have also been formulated accordingly. Some of the most famous Gundam kits are: 

  • 30-minute missions 
  • Gundam Wing
  • Gundam Build Fighters
  • Iron-Blooded Orphans
  • Gundam Wing
  • Gundam Seed 

Today we’ll discuss the step-by-step procedure of efficiently customizing your 30-minute missions Gundam kits. 

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1. Choose the Grade 

Once you’ve decided to get your 30 mm Gundam kit, you need to determine what grade you’ll be comfortable assembling and customization. Due to their increased availability, High-Grade kits are more widely available. Additionally, due to their simplicity, they are suggested for beginners.

Compared to their high-grad counterparts, the natural-grade kits are built around an inner frame and look more utilitarian. The master-grade parts are more significant than both kits mentioned earlier, and they have an interior structure that gives the figurines additional detail.

The perfect-grade kits are significantly larger and need more assembly time, which increases the overall price of the final product. The most significant models available are mega-size, although they are less expensive than perfect grades.

Choose the model that appeals to your sense of style and gives the novelties you want. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which kit you want and the time you want to spend on them. 

2. Study the instructions 

The assembling instructions are an excellent starting point for assembling the 30 mm Gundam kits. Although understanding the complicated steps and procedures may seem intimidating, the illustrations will help you know the equipment better. 

Additionally, essential details about how to apply decals or stickers to specific parts of the figure are contained in the instruction manual. Without understanding them, you’ll struggle to fit the pieces together. 

The 30 mm Gundam is made up of numbered and labeled parts. Some kits specify which plastic frames and devices are required to construct a specific item or where to apply the designs. The suggestion regarding the head, arms, torso, legs, and accessories are also written or displayed accordingly. 

Throughout the assemblage, read the instruction pages intensively and proceed cautiously! The guidebook contains subtle cues about what to cut and what not to cut. A severe error might potentially cause everything to fall apart! 

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3. Cutting

You may make a mistake during this step because it involves a lot of cutting. As a result, you must be very careful where you cut. It’s possible to harm the plastic or render a particular component useless if you’re not careful. 

Plastic that is damaged in some builds might improve a model. These models, also called “battle-damaged Gundam,” are excellent for dioramas or for giving the 30 mm Gundam a more gritty and authentic appearance.

To find out which plastic connectors are crucial and which can be discarded, you can easily follow the instruction manual because they are always labeled.

4. Detailing

There will always be tiny slots in your 30 mm Gundam model kit or thin empty spots that can be filled in to make your model pop out in the final assembly. This enables in turning you Gundam assembly into a fantastic kit. Additionally, some kits may include an additional decal sheet to help them stand out even more.

Although panel lining isn’t required in most figures, it makes the finished model look more impressive.  Improper detailing can impair the chance for panel lining generally, so exercise caution while filing your model kit. Although slots should always be filled, you can modify your figure with other items. Ideally, decaling is never required for them and is always optional. 

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5. Assembling 

One of the highlights of the Gundam kit is watching the complete model kit finally come together. Usually, the sound of a snap indicates that the model has been securely fastened and is ready for use.

When nearing completion, avoid using too much pressure, which will cause the plastic to crack. Although the plastic used to make these anime models is sturdy, it is not strong enough to support high pressure or overweight. 

Moreover, ensure all the parts have been fitted tightly. There are several ways to tighten a loose portion, but they typically rely on how severe the looseness is. The most popular products and procedures for re-tightening are adhesive glue and decaling certain cement mixtures. 


The richness and vastness of Gundam source material are so immense that they cannot be adequately listed. Hence the choices available to fans are enormous. The kits they chose can drastically be customized depending on your preferences, and the steps mentioned above can help you formulate the perfect 30 MM Gundam kits.

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