Beyond The Uniform: How Military Clothing Inspires Fashion Trends And Functionality 

military clothing on fashion trends

If there is one fashion movement that has always been present, it is the military trend. Clothing that was designed to be useful wear, such as the trench coat or bomber jacket, quickly morphed into statement pieces for the fashion-conscious.  

Later, the trend spread to the streets, and wearing military insignia or camouflage prints became a fashion statement.  

Military apparel, from camouflage cargo pants to combat boots, is designed for efficiency and consistency. Everything worn by a soldier serves a purpose. As there was a military influence on fashion, the attire of the time often expressed support or resistance.  

Surprisingly, military fashion has offered the fashion industry utilitarian inspiration and creative designs to rock on the runway over time. 

Some Significant Trends and Functionalities 


Aviator sunglasses, also known as Ray-Bans, originated in the 1930s and 1940s when this model was created for airline pilots to protect them from sun glare while flying. However, because of their fashionable design, they quickly gained popularity among civilians.  

The original aviator glasses had broad frames and rounded lenses, similar to those found on WWII fighter planes. Bausch & Lomb, which eventually became Ray-Ban, made the most famous aviator sunglasses.  

Today, this company is one of America’s most successful sunglasses manufacturers. Their aviator sunglasses remain popular among celebrities and anyone wishing to add individuality to their everyday outfit. 

Tank Tops 

Tank tops began as inner tank-suit jackets worn under dungarees or boiler suits (they were popular among coal workers). These military clothing pieces shielded them from sparks and other hazards that could damage their clothing while working underground.  

Tank tops were offered as an optional attachment to men’s uniforms in the army during World War II because they gave additional protection against snipers who were known to shoot at troops’ upper bodies when they came into view at the edge of trenches during the action. 

Later, similar garments were embraced by a variety of athletes and individuals who required something robust yet lightweight for exercise or worked outside in hot weather. A wide range of men worldwide now wear tank tops, whether they’re playing baseball, golfing, grilling hamburgers on their backyard grills, or simply resting at home. 

Bomber Jackets 

The first bomber jacket appeared in 1931 when American airmen requested a specific sort of suit to shield them from harsh weather while flying over a wide country at high altitudes. The early bomber jackets had multiple layers, including a quilted lining that offered warmth even when wet (which frequently happened during rain storms). 

They gained popularity among US military forces during World War II because they provided good protection from shrapnel and enemy fire while allowing soldiers to move freely during combat. They became one of the most recognizable pieces of apparel in every branch of service, including the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, and Coast Guard. 

After WWII, individuals continued to wear bomber jackets because they kept people warm in cold weather without being too bulky or impeding movement.  

Since then, other firms have produced military coats, notably Barbour International (UK), Apsley (USA), Canada Goose (Canada), and Alpha Industries (USA). There are numerous variations on these jackets, but they all share some characteristics that set them apart from ordinary coats: 

  • Collars with ribs 
  • Pockets with zippers 
  • Sleeve cuffs with elastic 
  • Seams that are topstitched 
  • Wool or leather are examples of high-quality materials. 
  • Zipper pulls in the form of a bomber jacket 
  • Cuffs in knit with inset buttons or tabs 

Some wear them as casual apparel, while others use them as sportswear for lengthy walks or running outside in chilly weather. Bomber jackets are extremely adaptable clothing that may be worn with a variety of looks ranging from casual to formal, depending on what else you’re wearing at the moment. 

Overall, bomber jackets have become an essential piece of clothing for all fashion-conscious men who recognize the need to look beautiful while being warm in any season. 


Did you know boots are a famous footwear for men? These are particularly those who work outdoors, whether walking on rough terrain or engaging in other activities.  

Military boots were designed in the mid-nineteenth century when the United States Army began looking for a new design that would be more suitable for soldiers who had to walk long distances and stay on their feet for lengthy periods. 

As a result, boots with durable leather uppers and rubber soles were created. 

During WWI, all military branches began wearing service boots with hobnail soles and low heels. Soldiers widely utilized them throughout WWII and remained popular after the war. 

Today, military boots are still worn by soldiers all around the world. However, many have switched to combat boots due to their weatherproof design. Military boots are often made of black or brown leather and have lace-up or zip-up closures for easy on/off. 

The verdict 

Military attire, originally created for troops, is now widely worn in everyday life. That said, army uniforms have also been a good reference for various reasons in the fashion business. Many people, from children to seniors, are dressed in military uniforms.  

Ultimately, military-inspired clothing tends to allow people to look fashionable while showing appreciation for the military and veterans. So, what are you waiting for? Start inspiring your wardrobe collection today. 

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