A Complete Guide to PP Woven Bags

pp woven bags

Most of the industries make use of bulk packaging all across the world therefore it is needed to find a perfect packaging solution that has exceptional aesthetic appeal along with correct functionality. PP woven bags are is the most versatile choice that is used as the packing material for various industries which need to store their product like agriculture, food, chemical, and cement. These bags are provided with uncountable features that are ideal for packaging bags such as non-toxic, non-staining, and anti-stressing properties that make it suitable packaging material for containing various products that are in particle form.

What is a PP woven bag?

PP stands for Polypropylene which is a sort of thermoplastic resin which gets extracted through the process of polymerization. Woven propylene is in the form of propylene strips which have both the qualities of lightweight but stronger material. The bags that are manufactured by this material are named PP woven bags.  These bags are a good example of eco-friendly material because they can be melted down as well as recycled for the creation of other products. Besides all this, it is durable enough and can be used several times to reduce the demand for single-use products. These polypropylene bags have the potential to last for 4 to 5 years if it is properly used.

What makes woven polypropylene better selection?

Polypropylene is considered a thermoplastic substance that results due to the polymerization of propylene to create a heavy-duty material that has the potential to withstand larger weights. This fabric is created by extracting plastic film and drawing it into filaments that can be woven into large sheets. These sheets are used to design the best quality bags such as container bags, woven bags, geotextile fabric, etc. With the presence of unique properties, this woven fabric has turned into a widely used fabric for the manufacture of bags. The unique properties of PP Woven Sacks make the bag an ideal bulk packaging solution. Details are as followed:

  • Lightweight and breathable option because of its low density of polypropylene
  • The non-staining fabric which is easy to clean as well as reusable
  • The non-toxic plastic resin which has all of the antibacterial properties
  • Lamination is done to make the fabric waterproof
  • It provides a diversified role in the bulk packaging solution

It comes with the major benefit that ranges from the protection of products from contamination to prevention from spoilage.

Application of polypropylene bags:

  • Agriculture product packaging: Polypropylene bags are used in storing well as transporting the products like edible items, aquatic products, agriculture items, etc. Typically it is used in daily life in the form of PP woven bags or mesh bags for carrying food items, chemicals, etc.
  • Food packaging: Basically, PP woven bags are used for packing food. Commonly food woven bags use for rice, flour, maize, etc. packaging.
  • Geotechnical engineering: These bags are used even in construction such as real estates, roads, rails, mines, irrigation works, etc. These bags are adapted because it has the functionality of filtering, draining, isolation as well as anti-seepage. Therefore, this PP woven fabric is the most recommended geosynthetics.  

Moreover, these bags are found to be quite useful in the tourism and transportation industries as well as are applicable in our daily life. A woven bag plays an efficient role in preventing and controlling the detrimental effect of floodwater.

Benefits of using PP Woven Bags:

  • The material is found to be of high chemical resistance because it is an ideal choice for storing and transporting chemicals to longer distances.
  • It is a weather-resistive option because it is not affected by water, heat, or humidity quite easily. So it is important to store detergent, chemicals, cement, and even other fine particles.
  • It is found to be quite resistive to tear so it can carry heavyweight material.
  • It is 100% reusable and is even quite durable due to which falls in the category of fewer pollutant products.
  • PP woven sacks are even resistive to most of the alkalis as well as acid which makes it an ideal choice for storing major kinds of chemicals ensuring safety from collateral damage.


Thus, the above-mentioned properties and advantages act as proof that PP woven bags are the best bags for transporting any type of equipment or product. Therefore, it needs to choose the right manufacturer such as Singhal Industries to elevate the business in quantifiable ways. The only thing needed is to dictate all your requirement of usages as well as size, estimate, order, and even witness the storage and transportation of goods.

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