A Beginner’s Guide to Finding Long Lasting Women’s Perfumes

Long Lasting Women’s Perfumes

Perfumes are a central part of our style and identity. We all want to smell good and certain scents stick with us for a long time and they become almost like a signature scent. However, if you are looking to change your scent, then you might need to relearn a few things. For example, you need to know the different types of notes that are associated with the scents you like. Perhaps you like a particular perfume simply because someone else told you they like it. Consider the following tips when shopping for your next perfume.

Choose Women’s Perfume Based on Purpose

Perfumes, just like clothes can be intended for particular occasions. You have clothes for hanging out at home and other for work or even for a dinner date. The same goes with perfumes, since the same perfume you apply just before bed, shouldn’t be the same one you put on when going for a night out with the girls. Perfumes for women are designed according to use and by understanding the notes you can know which one to pick for each event.

How to Tell Different Notes Apart

Most women’s perfumes have woody notes as the top note. The tope note usually lasts up to 4 hours and is replaced by the base notes. Base notes are more subtle but last longer and examples of base notes are citrus, jasmine and lavender. Lemon notes don’t last as long but still have the same freshness as citrus notes.

Know whether You are Getting Eau du Parfum, Cologne or parfum

A lot of people don’t know the difference between parfum, eau du perfume, or even cologne. The difference is that parfums have about 10-20% fragrance oils and this makes them heavier and lasts longer as compared to colognes or eau du parfumes which have about 2-4% of fragrance oils. This makes eau du parfums and colognes to serve as body splashes even as you wear your parfum as the main fragrance.

Choosing Women’s Perfumes Based on Mood

Perfumes enhance our moods and can uplift or revitalize our emotions as soon as we wear them. Therefore when buying a perfume, it’s important to choose notes that will easily revitalize and pair them with more complex notes which are layered. A good way to know which perfume to put on is to simply whiff them before you go out. The perfume that makes you feel great should be the one you put on. You will notice that you will rotate between your selections of perfumes depending on how you feel.


Whether you are buying a perfume for yourself or for someone else, its important to consider personality and individual style. Make sure the perfume doesn’t ‘scream’ or isn’t too loud that other scents are overpowered. Your skin care lotions, hair sprays and other beauty products have their own unique scents and therefore when applying perfume, make sure you only apply on your pulses and not everywhere on your body.

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