5 Key Facts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the essence of modern marketing, since all other conventional forms of marketing are either inefficient, uneconomical, or have limited potential to promote a business. Today digital marketing is employed by every industry, thanks to its versatility and tremendous scope. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is easily accessible and has the ability to generate international traffic. It is a flexible form of advertising that can be tailored to suit any budget and all kinds of requirements. If you are interested in expanding your business and endorsing your brand through online engagement, work with a Digital Marketing Agency to implement these five key facets:

1. SEM

As the name suggests, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to advertising via powerful search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When you look something up on Google, you may have noticed one or more links that appear above the organic results. These links are labelled as ‘Ad’; these ads are paid for by the website owners. These websites may or may not have the best answer to your query, but they have secured the top spot through SEM. Most users readily click on the first few results, thus this form of paid advertising is quite effective.  

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing may not sound like the most progressive technique to advertise, yet it remains among the most effectual ways to increase brand awareness and generates traffic. Believe it or not, but email marketing is accountable for at least 25% of online sales. Most professionals use their email account for day-to-day communication at work, which is why this approach has great potential. All you need to do is create an enticing promotional email that convinces the recipient to visit your website. The link provided in the email should direct the user to a landing page that displays exactly what they expected.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are used by millions of individuals on a daily basis, making them ideal for marketing products and services. They serve a broad and diverse audience, so you can make good use of targeted ads. Facebook provides a well-equipped marketplace, where you can create a free business page and utilize it as an alternative web portal. You can set your budget for paid advertising on social media and generate a steadily growing fan base.

4. SEO Content Marketing

Search engine optimized content is crucial for building website credibility and it helps improve website rankings, which in turn generates leads and user traffic. When someone searches for a term that matches the keywords on your webpage, it shows up in the search engine results. If the SEO score is high, the link to your content may appear on the first page. As a result, your website receives a higher number of clicks and visits, bringing in potential customers or subscribers. This facet of digital marketing does not require you to spend any money, unless you outsource the job.  

5. Google AdSense Marketing

While you browse through blogs or websites, ads often appear between sections of content or towards the sides. The ads you see are based on your location and browsing history, which is pretty nifty if you think about it. If you have clicked on many such ads, you probably realize the influence of Google AdSense. You may create similar ads to promote your products or service to the right audience on a reasonable budget.

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