5 Best Remote Work Monitoring Tools In 2022

remote work monitoring tools

Increase work efficiency and productivity with these tools

Being productive at work means effectively doing the tasks that help them achieve their goals. Basically, productivity is an estimate of how much work was completed compared with the amount of time and resources it took. It is important because it ensures that an employee is getting the most out of his work.

By working from home, productivity sometimes is being compromised. That makes the integrated tools essential in this field. In order to be productive, it’s important to have the right tools and resources in place. Keep reading and learn more about the best integrated remote tools in 2022.

Support your employees with the most useful tools for remote works

Incorporating remote work with integrated tools can be very beneficial not only to the employee but also to the company. Thanks to the technology we have today, it helps innovate all the things needed to make work easier and faster. Read on and find out the advantages that using remote work tools can give us.

  1. Remote work tools help us meet the deadlines for every project. With an integrated remote work tool, we can organize and track every project. It helps us know which project needs to be prioritized and get done first.

  2. Using remote work tools helps us work in a flexible time. This gives us the benefits to work at any time of the day in more comfortable surroundings. With proper self-discipline and self-motivation, you can work from home productively and efficiently.

  3. Many professions are forced to work remotely during this pandemic which affects face-to-face communication. The goal of communication is to keep the workers on the same page, productive, and updated with the latest information. Fortunately, modern technology makes communication issues resolved. The distance can cause communication challenges, but through the use of an integrated communication tool for remote work, these issues can be avoided.

  4. These integrated tools also enhance collaboration on projects and efficiency in results. Through this, the improvement of the overall quality of the project can be achieved.

5 Best Remote Work tools

To work productively and efficiently from home, there are a few things that you must consider. You should be incorporated with tools that are reliable, qualitative, easy to use, and offer full customer support. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the productivity and efficiency you desire.

Here are the top 5 of the best remote work monitoring tools that you may want to include in your workspace.

  • Veed Veed, basically, is a video-sharing website with lots of special features that can be used for different purposes. One of these special features is Screen Recording. The screen recording feature helps record and capture your screen online. This tool can make you become more productive and makes the time work for you with the use of recorded videos. You may use it for recording meetings, presentations and for taking the minutes of the meeting.

  • Basecamp
    Basecamp is one of the most known tools for teams and agencies. It serves not only reliable features and services but also elegant usability and design. This is a project management tool that helps teams or groups work with collaboration easily. It helps manage projects accurately and finish them on time.

  • Dropbox
    One of the well-known cloud storage systems for storing and sharing large files is Dropbox. With its many features, this workspace is suitable for remote workers. Users who have access to the file are able to collaborate, sync, and share documents effortlessly.

  • Timecamp
    Timecamp is a remote work monitoring tool that monitors the team’s productivity and efficiency. With this tool, an employer can track its employees’ productivity levels. You can find out what they are working on and how they are progressing. Using this tool, you can ensure that every project is proceeding according to plan.

  • Slack
    A digital space like Slack makes it easy for teammates to communicate with each other. It is a tool that allows a team’s communication to be organized in one place. This is just the right tool to fight back against the hindrances that interfere with the effective communication of every member.

There are many different remote work tools that can help the agency to keep its employees productive and efficient. This article discusses the top five remote work tools, how they work, and how they can benefit businesses. It is only a matter of finding the proper way to use these tools to reach your desired goals.

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