10 Smart Tips to Improve Business Cost-Efficiency

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When running a business, whether big or small, it’s imperative that you seriously consider your operating funds. Venturing into business and commerce isn’t easy, especially if you want to grow and succeed.

Without paying significant attention to your operating funds, you might find yourself falling into the rabbit hole of bankruptcy and failure.

Hence, being cost-efficient but still being able to grow and increase your operations is something that you wouldn’t want to delay learning.

You need to establish key strategies that would help you adapt and improve alongside time. To get you started, here are some smart tips that would help improve your business’s cost-efficiency.

1. Move to the Cloud

Using a cloud-based phone system is a modern and practical way to make your business cost-efficient. You won’t have to worry about gathering IT staff and sourcing a physical space for them.

Moreover, there’s no need to set up several traditional analog phones and repair or upgrade your hardware and servers. Though traditional phones can be used, they aren’t cost-effective anymore as most business calls are now routed via Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VoIP).

You can also migrate storage, computing networks and app development to the cloud, making the most out of all the cloud-based solutions available.

2. Negotiate with Suppliers

Mostly, suppliers are more concerned with your payment terms and order sizes. If you can be consistent in those areas, meaning you pay on time and buy bigger bulks, then they’re more likely to be generous with you in terms of pricing.

Over time, when the relationship between you and your suppliers is established, negotiating with them will become easy.

3. Consult an SEO Agency

Consulting an SEO or Digital Marketing agency entails money, but it’s worth every penny that you spend. With the right strategies, agency, and business partner, SEO is cost-efficient.

This marketing strategy helps drive traffic to your website and in turn, increases your reach and potential sales. Investing in SEO will continue to provide long-term benefits to your business than simply paying for ads.

4. Maximize Promotional Campaigns

Everyone loves a good “seasonal sale” or “coupon codes.” If you have some products that are selling low or taking up too much storage space, empty them quickly through promotional campaigns.

These marketing campaigns can include promos, discounts, buy-one-take-ones, freebies, or any limited offers. Promotional campaigns are also a direct way of lowering your inventory storage expenses.

5. Utilize Efficient Packaging

If your packaging is too big, too heavy, or too lavish, you may cut costs by trimming it down a notch. Utilize packaging that’s just right for the items.

Often, shipping would cost cheaper if the package is lighter, so never over-wrap it. Also, you could buy your shipping materials in bulk to save more!

6. Use Teleconferencing

If you want to meet with your staff or make arrangements with your suppliers, you may do so via teleconferencing.

By teleconferencing, you won’t have to travel to different locations to hold a meeting — the Internet is all you need. Imagine how much travel and lodging expenses you could save.

Plus, you don’t even have to worry about the teleconferencing platform to use, the Internet offers a wide array of free platforms.

Again, you can always ditch your traditional phones and switch to VoIP systems to make your business communication faster, easier, and more efficient.

7. Encourage Open Communication

By encouraging open communication in the workplace, everyone will give their fair share of feedback and ideas to improve the business.

You won’t be able to see and hear everything at once, but your employees might see something that needs improvement or streamlining. Make them feel comfortable to voice out their opinions and feedback.

8. Purchase Only When Necessary

Making additional unnecessary purchases will only increase your expenses; hence, avoid doing so. Spend only on things that are urgent and essential for the business.

Buying a new office couch when your current couch is still perfectly fine wouldn’t be wise and would only add up to your already hiking expenses.

9. Reduce Return of Products

You must establish fixed guidelines regarding the return of products. Handling returned products consume so much money and time, from the cost of shipping, the labor of bringing the item to and for the storage, and the bucks of packaging.

Therefore, reduce product returns by making a clear list of policies, clarifying to the buyers what they’re getting, and avoiding high-risk customers.

10. Automate the Business

Cliché as it may sound, but time is pure gold, time is money!

Hence, if you want to cut down your expenses, better stop wasting time and automate the business. By automating your duties, you free up your and everyone else’s time, and you can use the extra time to accomplish more productive tasks.


Starting your own business could be scary, and you have all the reasons to feel so. You can become overwhelmed by the fear of failing and going bankrupt. However, if you’d equip your business with the right strategies and surround yourself with the best people, you’re bound to greater heights and successful business endeavors.

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