What can you do to protect your car during COVID-19?

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COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world, with multiple nations on lockdowns. Safety measures such as self-isolation, quarantining and social distancing are what most people turn to. These precautionary measures are coming in handy in stopping the spread of coronavirus. The safest medium to combat the spread of this virus is to ensure proper hygiene. Cleaning one’s hands thoroughly and sanitising the environment and personal vehicle is the key to avoid spreading the virus.

Frequently touched solid surfaces, including the door handles, steering wheel, screens, wiper, passenger & driver door armrests, and seat adjusters must be washed thoroughly and disinfected to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19. For deeply sanitising your vehicle you are required to consult the best Car garage in London. Look for the one that can give you basic necessities like affordable prices, no nasty surprises, quick service, friendly customer service, and a deep cleaning experience.

Check out some of the tips to protect your car during coronavirus:

  • Car seats may be cleaned properly but should never be disinfected. Bleach works great for most solid surfaces but using a disinfected chemical can gradually damage the outer layer of the car seat harness or seat belt. It can be cleaned with a mild soap and water or some cars have machine washable covers. For safeguarding your car read the car seat owner’s manual for the proper cleaning instructions for that seat.
  • Parking a car in the best garage can ensure the safety of the vehicle. If you don’t really follow the provision of covered parking, kindly ensure to use a cover on your car. Keeping covered will protect it from the scorching sunlight, bird droppings, and virus. Covering your car will reduce the spread of coronavirus and will protect your car from other factors also.
  • You are required to remove the car seats and clean them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For keeping the prevention factor in mind, you can apply a tightly sealed plastic bag for a few days. Wear a proper mask, gloves, and eye protection while driving the vehicle, and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Did you know that every time you sneeze or cough, you spew a slew of aerosols into the atmosphere? These can easily glue themselves in your car interior and potentially increase the risk of spreading the novel COVID-19 virus. It’s always worth taking a high- level of precautions and developing a basic routine of cleaning thoroughly.
  • As a last note, one of the hidden points which most of the population is unaware of is that air conditioning can also spread COVID-19 in the air, especially if there are more than two people inside the vehicle. All of this can severely lead to airborne transmission of the disease, even if it starts from a few droplets.

All in all, if you are looking for the best car cleaning services or assistance regarding Car Battery Replacement Service and Exhaust replacement in London make sure to check all the information and discuss every essential point. Sometimes, smaller local garages can also deliver better assistance than bigger companies. It’s all about your requirement and how well you explain your needs to the skilled technicians.

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