Why Are Household Water Filters Useful?

Water Filters

The basis of our life is water, namely pure water. Of course, this is easy to solve from a break-up mountain source, but not everyone could access it, and in our lives connected to the communal network, it has become an important and massive need. Not only for the proper purity of healthy drinking water but also for the excellent and long-lasting operation of our water-related appliances, boilers, boilers, washing machines and dishwashers. For this purpose, water filters, more precisely water treatment devices, perform a complex task in most cases. Therefore, water treatment devices of various sizes and complexity are used in small and large households, as well as for industrial purposes, we are now interested in the possibilities that can be applied to our homes, let’s start with the smaller ones.

Taste of water is everything!

From a human point of view, perhaps the most important is the quality and taste of drinking water. The quality can be removed by removing the floating impurities, i.e. by mechanical filtration, and the taste can be pleasantly enhanced with magnesium. The smallest tool for this is the filter jug, which, thanks to its excellent design, can be conveniently placed in the refrigerator.

Thanks to the magnesium filter insert, magnesium is added to the filtered and softened water. The design of the filter has several functions.

  • Neutralizes unpleasant tastes and odors
  • Removes chlorine and any heavy metals (eg lead, copper)
  • Extracts the elements responsible for limescale from the tap water
  • It adds valuable magnesium to the filtered water

From the point of view of the water supply of our home, the devices installed in the network or that can be connected to it, whether a water filter or a water softener or both, are much more important.

Straight from the tap

In terms of drinking water and cooking, the obvious, continuous and primary water intake is the kitchen sink and its faucet. If our water network does not have a more serious water treatment device by default, because there is no way to place it in a studio apartment, for example, excellent water filtration devices that can be installed under the kitchen counter and work continuously are recommended. Fresh filtered water can be drained with the help of an LED lamp and a chrome-plated tap that can be mounted on the kitchen counter or the sink.

The complete connection set of such a modern device includes the chrome-plated pin with an LED lamp, as well as the accessories necessary for the installation of the device, which can also be installed at home with a little skill. You can also hire professional RO service for installation.

The soul of these devices is the easy-to-replace filter cartridge at home, which contains an ultrafilter that can extract bacteria, for example. Its advantage is that it preserves minerals that are important to our body. In this way, it does not change the chemical balance of the water, it retains its original pH.

In addition to the ultrafilter, it also includes an activated carbon filter unit that conjures up high-quality drinking water, removing unpleasant odors, flavors, chemicals, floating soil particles and agitating pipe sediments.

  • Neutralizes unwanted organic humic substances dissolved from the soil.
  • It saves us from carrying heavy mineral water bottles home, storing them and selectively collecting emptied plastics that no longer burden our environment.
  • The filter cartridge must be replaced after an average of 6 months, depending on the water quality. This way we can provide your family with fresh, clean cooking and drinking water at an affordable price.

Pampering with silk water

The other, the perhaps more important water-consuming area is the bathroom. Softened water gently cleanses our skin and cleansers, soaps and shampoos dissolve more easily and foam more beautifully. It helps our skin to retain its natural protective layer, so we can even skip the use of body lotion after bathing and showering. After washing our hair, we can also feel silky to the touch, soft, even though we only changed the water quality.

The limescale neutralizing filter system is the most important in this respect. The high calcium content of water is an enemy of bathroom supplies, as calcium is easily deposited, causing limescale. The descaling filter system removes calcium from the bathwater, and glossy tiles, glass and metal surfaces are easy to keep clean without the use of chemical cleaners.

The washing machine also appreciates the softened water, with less detergent the washing will be more efficient. Limescale-free heating wire saves energy and eliminates the need to call a mechanic due to calcification.

Central water treatment plants

In larger apartments, family houses where there are up to 2-3 bathrooms, possibly a separate laundry room and a heating system in the boiler house provide heat and domestic hot water, it is worth installing central water treatment systems immediately after the water entry point. These are suitable for comfortable placement in basement or ground floor boiler houses, rooms designed for water distribution.

Larger, more complex central water treatment and water softeners provide several services.

Water filters, water softeners

It is not just limescale that can be a problem in our household plumbing system. We must have found that the faucet was clogged, dripping, tightly closed, or barely flowing from it. Floating dirt such as sand, rust, limescale can cause a lot of problems and reduce the life of equipment, taps. These are protected by the wide range of water filtration devices available on the market.

The washable, automatic, replaceable inserts all serve the same purpose, to clean the water of floating dirt. After the water filter, it is customary to install a central water softener as well.

In order to provide good service in our home in the long run, proper service is essential. You should choose a water filter and water softener that is easy and simple to maintain at home.

About the Author – Sunil Trivedi is the Managing Director of Aqua Drink. With 15 years of experience in the water purification industry, Sunil and his team have been ensuring that his clients consume 100% potable water to lead a healthy life and keep water-borne diseases miles away.

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