Which Health Check ups or Tests are necessary

Health Check ups or Tests

It is a common misconception that an individual needs to get health checkups done only when their body exhibits certain symptoms pointing towards the presence of medical conditions. However, regular health checkups must be carried out for a healthy and long lifespan. 

The reason why you might want to get your routine tests done depends on several factors. For instance, people recovering from diseases or those who are old should not skip certain tests. In this article, we will be covering several health checkups or tests that are necessary. 

1. BMI 

One of the most common health checkups that help one to stay healthy and assess the condition of their body is the BMI test. For this, the height and weight of the patient are noted and the BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated through its formula.

If the value of BMI lies within the range of 18 to 25, then the patient is considered healthy. Below normal levels can cause the person to be underweight, and exceeding the range can make the person overweight. 

Knowing the BMI level of your body allows you to take the necessary precautionary steps to avoid several medical conditions. Proper monitoring of this range and lifestyle changes to maintain it can help one stay safe from conditions like heart disease and diabetes. 

2. Blood Pressure Test

Blood pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by the blood flow on the walls of your arteries. Its normal range is 120/80. Exceeding this range causes conditions such as hypertension, while abnormally low blood pressure can cause hypotension.

While high or low blood pressure in itself is not a severe condition, it can cause some drastic effects on the body if not dealt with in time. Medical complications such as heart disease, strokes, and so on can be observed in such cases.

Hence, it is always a good idea to get a BP test done routinely. Your doctor may provide you with medicines to moderate your BP levels in case they are not in the normal range. 

3. Cholesterol test

High amounts of cholesterol within the body can lead to several heart complications along with other conditions. Hence, it is important to get a cholesterol test done routinely to moderate its levels within your body.

Even if one does not exhibit signs of high cholesterol, there are many cases in which they should get it checked regardless. These include a family history of high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and so on. One can easily book an online health check-up appointment for such tests. 

4. Blood sugar test

Blood sugar is another important test that should never be overlooked, especially if one falls in the age group of above 30 years. Since conditions like diabetes are on the rise, it is important to know your blood sugar level to prevent it.

People who are in the pre-diabetic stage or have a family history of this condition should never skip this test. An annual blood sugar test becomes a must in such cases so that certain lifestyle changes can be made to avoid any condition from developing in the first place. 

5. General test

While specific tests are important, one must not skip general health checkups. This kind of complete health checkup involves several tests that involve assessing the kidney and liver function, thyroid levels, vitamin D and Calcium levels, and so on within the body. 

A routine general test or a complete health checkup is a must for every adult and is even more important for older citizens. This kind of checkup allows an early diagnosis of potentially harmful diseases and further allows patients to choose from several forms of treatment. 

6. Bone density test

People belonging to the age group of 65 or above should regularly get a bone density test done. Since our bones lose their strength with time, it is important to assess whether or not it is prone to any medical conditions.

Other people who should never skip bone density health check ups include those who have suffered bone injuries, taken steroids, are underweight and have a family history of bone injuries. 

7. Dental checkup

Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly is not enough, but the bare minimum. To ensure that teeth are healthy, one needs to get a dental checkup done at least once a year. However, this dentist in Ballantyne highly recommends doing it twice a year for better results. It allows medical professionals to identify and treat any conditions in their early stages itself. 

A routine dental checkup allows medical professionals to check for gum diseases, cavities, and any trauma caused within the mouth. 


While the list of essential health checkups and tests is not exhaustive, the ones mentioned in this article are a few of the most important ones. Apart from them, one should also get tested for conditions like cervical cancer and take prostate exams regularly to check for any underlying conditions. 

Hopefully, this article provides you with everything that you need to know about important health checkups and tests.

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