What to Know About Selecting a Roof Snow Guard

Roof Snow Guard

What are Snow Guards?

Living in an area with heavy snowfall can be beautiful, but it can also pose some challenges. One of the biggest dangers is the potential damage that snow can cause to your home. This is where snow guards come in.

Snow guards are small pieces of shaped metal mounted on your roof to prevent accumulated snow from falling off in one large chunk. Instead, they help to break up the snow into smaller, more manageable pieces that can slide off your roof more safely.

If you live in an area like American Fork, Utah, where heavy snowfall is common, snow guards can be essential to your home’s exterior. They can help to protect your roof, gutters, and other areas of your home from potential damage caused by heavy snowfall.

Custom snow guards are available to fit the specific needs of your home. They are typically made from high-quality materials and expertly crafted to provide the best protection. There is a range of styles and designs to choose from, so you can find snow guards that match the look and feel of your home.

If you’re looking for an effective solution to help protect your home from heavy snowfall, consider installing snow guards. They can provide an added layer of protection for your home during winter.

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What Roof Types are Best for Roof Snow Retention Systems?

The style of roof you have determines a big part of selecting the type of snow guards you need. Snow guards are most commonly used on metal roofs. While slate roofs and asphalt shingles absorb heat efficiently, the roofing material most susceptible to heat is metal. Once accumulated snow and ice start to melt on a metal roof, it becomes one large sheet of hazardous snow once it refreezes.

Snow guards, also called snow brackets, are commonly placed along existing seams in metal roofs. Custom snow brackets can help with snow retention depending on your roof’s pitch, length, and shape.

Why would you want to retain snow? A “snow avalanche” can damage your vehicle below, the exterior of your home, or even people outside. Plus, cleanup is a hassle. With a metal roof, snow guards protect your home and the people within it.

How to Select A Roof Snow Guard

When selecting a roof snow guard, American Fork has nearby suppliers who can help you determine the best roof snow retention system for your property. As mentioned above, there are a few factors to consider when selecting snow guards:

  • Metal Roof Style
    • Standing seam
    • Classic rib panel
    • Corrugated
    • Trapezoidal
  • Roof Pitch
  • Snow Load
  • Roof Length

Snow Brackets Based on Roof Types

While metal roofs are the most common roof types for snow guards to be mounted on, many reputable suppliers offer retention systems for a variety of other materials, including but not limited to: corrugated metal, flat seam metal, granule metal, metal panel, asphalt shingle, cedar shingle, simulated slate, slate, single ply, wood shake, and tile.

Roof Snow Guards for Wood Shingles

A snow guard system is important for the overall health of your roof because it prevents your roof panels, shingles, or other materials from getting worn down easily.

For shingled roofs with mild pitches, snow retention typically is not necessary because the snow is more likely to stick to the roof and melt before it becomes sliding off in chunks. However, if your wood-shingled roof has a steeper pitch, you should consider snow fences or other retention solutions. If your shingled roof has a pitch steeper than 6/12 and you’re located in an area with heavy snow loads like American Fork, you are a candidate for a snow guard consultation.

Roof Snow Guards for Slate Roofs

Metal and slate materials have a smoother surface than shingles, meaning snow slides more frequently and at a higher velocity, especially at a steep pitch.

A reputable manufacturer will offer a snow guard style that’s low profile and unobtrusive, not to interrupt the seamless beauty of your slate roof. The low-profile guard style is still effective at dispersing accumulated precipitation as long as they are evenly distributed across the roof in strategic placements.

The Snow Retention Installation Process

Installation of this custom project is relatively simple. To do it yourself, you need to determine the right retention system style and material, then calculate how many snow guards you need. However, a certified roofing contractor in American Fork or surrounding areas can help install your new retention system according to manufacturer specifications. Customized snow retention brackets and snow fences offer long-lasting protection to your roof and the rest of the home below.

Ready to Commit to Roof Snow Guards?

Many companies create customized snow retention systems for roofs of all types, styles, and materials. It’s in your best interest to work with a reputable manufacturer that provides custom solutions with various options. Snow retention brackets come in various lengths, widths, and shapes to best fit your roof and your functional needs. They vary from traditional spikes to more creative shapes like pine trees, moose, bears, and maple trees.

Speak with a reputable contractor and determine what installation would require, what sort of snow retention systems they recommend, and what the associated cost will be. Then, say goodbye to hazardous snow avalanches and enjoy winter from the safety of your well-secured home.

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