What to Expect from Jacksonville Car Shipping

Jacksonville Car Shipping

Shipping Cars from Jacksonville

Florida is a nice, warm, and humid area that makes shipping cars a great business to be in. Things like extreme weather and road conditions can lead to complications, but it is still a great state to do business in. You will need to be more careful in the Tampa and Miami areas due to the traffic.

There are other areas just like Tampa and Miami with traffic that you must deal with. If you are going to do Jacksonville car shipping you might have traffic there, as well. Jacksonville does not make it in the worst traffic list for Florida.

 This article will let you know what you can expect from car shipping in Jacksonville. It will give you an idea of what it takes to ship an auto to or from here. You can also do more research to find more information.

Shipping Cars from Jacksonville

What to Expect


The cost of auto transport in Jacksonville can vary depending on where you start and where you end. It also depends on the type of car that you have and what type of transport you choose. Another factor that you need to know about is the overall mileage of the trip.

 A two-hundred-mile trip from near Tampa to St. Augustine can be an average of about $250 to transport your vehicle. If you need a longer distance, a trip from Orlando to Atlanta, for instance, will cost you nearly $500. And of course, the longer the trip, the more it will cost you.


There are a few documents and some important information that you need to gather when you want to ship your vehicle in Florida. Some of the documentation that you need will be a government issued ID, proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and title. This information can prove to the transport company that the vehicle belongs to you.

Important information that you need to know is information about your vehicle such as make, model, year, and Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN. You should also provide shipper and consignee information such as name, phone number, email address, and addresses of the pickup and drop off locations. This will help get your auto to its destination safely.


All Florida transport companies must have cargo insurance because it is required by law: https://shakedlaw.com/blog/commercial-trucking-insurance/. You will also want personal insurance on your vehicle in case something happens that the cargo insurance won’t take care of. You want to be protected in case of damage or theft of your auto.

Insurance is the best way to take care of these things. You could work with the transport company to pay for these damages, but it is easier for you and them to have insurance. Since it is required by law to have insurance, don’t choose a transport company that doesn’t have it

Shipping to Florida

You can begin the transport by researching companies that deliver to Florida. Read online reviews and references from the different companies. Get estimated quotes for the cost of the shipment.

You can get free quotes from most companies, if someone wants to charge you for a quote, find another company. Most companies won’t charge you a deposit, either, so you can book them online when you find the one that best fits your needs. Make sure that you research well before you choose.

When Should I Book the Auto Transport?

You need to give at least a few weeks advance notice to ship a car in Florida. This allows you to get the delivery time and the rate that you want. If you can’t give that much notice, you might have to pay more to get the delivery time you want.

If you wait until you have less than a week, you will definitely have to pay higher rates to expedite the shipping. You might also miss out on the type of transport that you want. Book ahead and get things done the way that you want them done.

How Do I Get a Quote?

There are online car shipping calculators that you can use in order to get a quote for auto shipping in Jacksonville. See here to find one of those calculators. These tools are the quickest and easiest way to get the quote you are looking for. You can get shipping quotes from some of the top companies in Florida by doing it this way.


Shipping an auto in Jacksonville is very similar to shipping in other areas of the country. You will need to make sure that the company has cargo insurance before you choose someone. This is a legal requirement in Florida.

You also need to provide information and documentation about your vehicle. This includes information about your car like make, model, year, and VIN number. You will also need to show proof of ownership.

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