What is SDET & 5 Must-Known Software Development Engineer in Test Certifications

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Yes, QA Software Testing Certification does matter to a great extent. If you want to attain holistic growth in your professional life, then Certification is immensely important. Remember that certification is not only perfect for your portfolio, it even works as a catalyst for boosting your knowledge. Besides that, it also helps to change your way of thinking. 

Fortunately, the legit source of Wedevx offers best SDET courses that work best for developing high-performance code and even set up automated testing. 

The thing to Remember (Note):

These all are just recommendations – When it comes to selecting a certification/course, it all depends on one’s personal aspirations. 

What is an SDET?

An SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) refers to an IT professional who can participate in both development and testing roles. These individuals should have significant knowledge regarding making software robust, and stable, and even ensure that it performs with no errors. An SDET should entertain with advanced level programming skills that assist for creating testing frameworks and tools, too. 

The designation of an SDET will enhance the life cycle of software development efficiently by contributing significant software testing throughout the software development testing cycles. Generally, SDET are hired for creating, planning, designing, and streamlining software testing using automation processes.

What Do You Need to Become an SDET?

SDET professionals are in high demand in the IT, gaming, advertising, entertainment, financial and hospitality sectors. Besides general soft skills such as communication, leadership and creativity, SDETs should have the following technical skills to advance in their career path:

  • Advanced-level automation skills
  • Intermediate skills in the sector of software development
  • A strategic technicality for developing Agile systems
  • Have a remarkable knowledge of software languages including C#, Java or Python
  • Must have experience in implementation of Agile and DevOps processes
  • Significant knowledge of behavior-driven development
  • The perfect idea of object-oriented design
  • Understanding capabilities for certain testing frameworks and even similar tools including TestNG, MS test, Nunit, WebDriver, Selenium, etc
  • The grip on performance testing tools for discovering the thresholds and bottlenecks in an existing code

Remember that, a SDET should have proper knowledge about server-side programming and even the software deployment technologies. If you aim to attain professional exposure in software development and testing, navigate to Wedevx which provides you with best picks of courses regarding software testing, management, and more. 

Certified Tester Foundation Level:

This course is indicated as a perfect utility for starters who want to sharpen the basic techniques as well as principles that are associated with SDET or software testing. Get this certification right now for preparing the ISTQB Foundation level certification exam.


  • Comes with different lessons that explains all about the key issues in software testing
  • Offers certain solutions by Industry recognized expert
  • Provides lessons on designing tests for converting different business needs at a great extent
  • Packed with 1 practical test and 5 Articles
  • Loaded with 16 downloadable resources

Certified (Agile Tester Foundation Level Exam):

This online course lets you proceed with all testing techniques that are associated with certain Agile methodologies. If you want to become skilled ISTQB-certified agile testers, then this Software testing certification is perfect for you. By the end of this certification, you will be able handle Agile projects significantly. 

In addition to that, if your SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) is implemented correctly, it assists you to think strategically, and even comes with a long term vision. 


  • Provide Fundamentals learning of Agile Software Development
  • Offers learning between Traditional and also the Agile Testing Approach
  • Loaded with best learning tools, methods, and techniques of Agile testing processes
  • Packed with 4 different downloadable resources
  • Also, best traits for accessing Product quality risks

Certified (Test Analyst Advanced Level):

This is another remarkable online course that assists students for the preparation of the ISTQB advanced-level test analyst certification exam. With this course, individuals will definitely learn how to identify and even implement the test designs for different applications. 

Moreover, this course works best for creating best quality test design specifications by simply leveraging effective testing traits. 


  • Provided with best learning for determining the domain validity
  • Apply suitable techniques for learning the certain test quality characteristics
  • Loaded with 7 downloadable resources
  • Packed with 1 Practice test
  • Offers the latest ISTQB Test Analyst Advanced level syllabus

Certified (Test Manager Advanced Level Exam):

This exam helps students prepare for the ISTQB advanced-level test manager certification. It is also packed with some best and most relevant testing methods that are being taken into account for SDET software testing. 

Apart from that, it assists students in learning the concept of project management, quality management from the industry-recognized expert, and software testing with a remarkable approach.


  • Best source for learning up-to-date software testing methods
  • Comes with 22 downloadable resources
  • 1 Article
  • Packed with full syllabus for Advanced Test Management certification

Agile Scrum Master Certification:

This is indicated as one of the best online courses that helps to prepare for the Agile Scrum Master Certification exam. It acts as a perfect guide that entirely reveals the full-fledged and detailed process of preparing an Agile Scrum Master.  

It will provide you with the learning of the key characteristics of Agile Scrum Master. By the end of this course, you will understand the difference between predictive and adaptive approaches for software development and SDET. 


  • Comes with 4 Articles and 2 Practical Tests
  • Offers 4 downloadable resources
  • Packed with some key concepts associated with Agile Scrum Master

Thankfully, you explored the few best Software Testing Certifications around the market, choosing one according to your experience level to proceed with better outcomes. 

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