What is LuckyCrush? How Does LuckyCrush Work?

LuckCrush App

LuckyCrush is an App

Yes, it’s an application. Or, it should be called a dating application where random video chat is on for those who like to have a dating partner online.  It is perfect for heterosexual matching, chatting, or sharing your feelings with strangers.  So, for those who want to look for someone to share their feeling of any kind, it’s for them.

Unfortunately, this application does not have any mobile compatibility. Simply put, its mobile version is not available. Another significant point is that it’s free for women and paid for all men. Users can have uncensored communication here. Even, nudity is unrestricted. 

Besides, there is no provision for premium membership. If a man is interested, he has to buy minutes to chat with women.  These all things are allowed only when you get through its strict verification process. It may take 24 hours in processing. But once done, there is hardly any chance of facing any dupes or fake users.

Ideal & Unfit Users

This application is ideal for the following users:

  • Those who have leisure time to pass by communicating with strangers over the app
  • Those who are absolutely ok with the unsolicited and uncensored random nudity
  • Those who are eager to talk to women or men online for erotic reasons

This is not the best-fit place for

  • Those who are reluctant to turn on their camera and prefer hiding their faces
  • Those men who are unable and not willing to spend money on conversing with female strangers
  • Those who are shy and unwilling to witness any nudity

How Does It Really Work?

This platform is for adults who are 18+ years old. Mostly, men appear here queuing up for women to hook up with. It won’t matter whether you have normal or sex chat, which includes undressing on being consented.

Sign Up Process

As aforesaid, this platform allows you to chat once you undergo a strict verification process. It may be up to 24 hours long processing. But, the sign-up process is 3-minute long. Also, you cannot view profiles. Nor can you go back on the chat. In short, it allows you to enjoy a blind date over the internet.

Besides, here are the guidelines to sign up:

  • Men don’t need to sign up but have to buy minutes
  • You must be 18+ and above

There are four steps that you have to follow. These are given here for your information:

Step 1: Herein, you have to provide credentials and agree to abide by terms and conditions.

  • Nominate a username and password.
  • Provide or share your email address.
  • Check the box to confirm that you’re 18+.
  • Finally, accept the terms and conditions of the site.

Step 2: Provide country details in this step.

  • Select the country of your residence. This option won’t be visible to other users because it is requested for saving your demographics.

Step 3: Verification will turn on in this step.

  • Upload two photographs with your face visible & clear.
  • Blurry or faded pictures are disapproved.

Step 4: Provide contact details.

  • You have to mention your mobile number.
  • Follow it with the verification code sent on the stated mobile number.

Once done, you should wait up to 24 hours. However, it may be verified before the said time interval. You will receive a notification of approval on your email ID and SMS, stating that your account has been approved and activated. Then, you are all set to chat.  

Men Don’t Need to Signing Up

The real-time users have confirmed that only men can leverage this benefit. They can directly connect to a video call without having or creating an account.

On the flip side, female users automatically get redirected to the sign-up page. It’s obvious that you, as a woman, have to sign up. This is why it’s absolutely free for women. 

In case, any woman didn’t go through the signup process, the app will redirect to the home page for verification. Its strong cookies track your IP and confirm your gender.

Post Verification

The chat can be turned on straightaway upon signing up. For this, you have to hit the “start chatting” tab. Turn on your camera and provide access to your browser. The live video chat with another member will be on.

• As the communication is on, these four actions are allowed:

• You may use a microphone to speak with each other.

• If desired, text to say anything. The best thing about it is that it can automatically translate what you say or write into the language that your match does not speak. For this, you have to choose the preferred language, like English.

• At any point, you may disconnect the call to end the chat.

• Then, you may choose the next match in the queue by hitting the NEXT button.

How to Chat

As happens on other similar apps, girls can match with men who they find sensual by looks. However, the real-time users express that most men are gentler than on any other live video chat site. They talk with the girl to find out if she can be the best match for him.  Then, the next button is to be pressed. 

As per reviews, the gender distribution here is 50-50. The waiting time tells the truth, as it won’t take too long to get the next match. Simply put, you can instantly find the match on LuckyCrush.  

What About the Pricing?

Women do not have to spend a dime here. It’s free for them. It means that they can send messages for free to male matches.

On the contrary, the male members have free chat for the first 10 minutes. And also, they can send pictures. Later on, they have to buy minutes. However, they are allowed to read at least one message for free in the mailbox.

Minutes               Credit /Minute (USD)       Total Amount (USD)

15 Credits            1.13       16.99

45 Credits            1.11       49.99

90 Credits            1.11       99.99

This is how the mathematics goes on as per credit.

Once paid, the members can send unlimited text messages, enable the auto-translate feature, buy & send virtual gifts, and add users to the friends’ list.


LuckCrush is a random live-video application for dating online. It is free for females and male members have to buy credits. However, they can enjoy it for the first 10 minutes for free.  To use, the sign-up option is there. Provide a mobile number, email id, & country name, upload 2 clear pictures and hit the next button for verification. This is how it works.

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