Virtual Product Launch: Ideas & Best Practices

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New product launch events are an important occasion for any business or industry. From the primary stages of designing the product to different levels of growing anticipation, and eventually the operation of the product launch event itself, it includes a lot of hard work, strategies, and endeavors to make it a successful affair.

To make it easier, we’ve compiled the most crucial practices and ideas that will act as beneficial strategies for your next virtual product launch events;

  1. Build a Game Plan

It is the most crucial step involved in hosting any virtual event. To move in the right direction it is necessary to set clear goals and know what to expect from the virtual product launch. Each product consists of a different set of requirements. For example, some products can simply be launched through a video but, some require a reliable virtual venue partner to maximize their reach to global delegates. Therefore, decide your media and choose your virtual platform very carefully.

  • Pick the Best Virtual Venue Partner

Deciding to take your product launch online implies that you’ll be presenting in front of several people residing in different parts of the world. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the most suitable platform that matches your business needs. 

You need to look for a popular virtual event platform such as Dreamcast that will help you create a customizable interface and branded product launch for thousands of attendees.

  • Recreate the Experience of On-site Events

To make your virtual product launch a remarkable event, choose a virtual venue that can integrate your company’s messaging and branding. Think of creating dynamic banners, an immersive 3D environment, or a themed venue to arouse more excitement among the attendees.

Add sufficient virtual booths and exciting games to keep attendees involved and hooked throughout the virtual event.

  • Make Your Event More Interactive

To hold back your attendees, you need to make your virtual events more engaging and interactive. Since you have a huge group of individuals attending the online virtual product launch, you need to understand their expectations and recreate the on-site experiences.

We understand that staring at the same screen for long hours can be monotonous. Hence, this is why you should add fun and interactive elements to promote engagement among the attendees and the sponsors.

Therefore, pick the best virtual venue partner that can seamlessly conduct surveys, live polls, networking lounge, breakout sessions, Q&As to keep the audience involved in various ways.

  • Make Way for More Networking

Networking is an important reason why people attend product launch events. Both attendees and sponsors look for potential participants with whom they can connect and build new relationships. To make the most of networking you can include some impressive features like;

AI-based Recommendations: This is a great feature that various event platforms adopt to let attendees interact with like-minded people. It helps you with a list of people who share the same interest. We understand that at online events you cannot simply jump into each other, so AI matchmaking makes it easier to begin meaningful interactions.

B2B Meetings Scheduler: Using this feature attendees or sponsors can choose the meet once the event is over. All you need to do is choose a suitable time that is convenient for both individuals.

Business Card Exchange: It is an amazing functionality that allows the attendees to exchange their business cards attending the same virtual product launch event.

Virtual Networking Tables: This functionality facilitates both 1:1 and group discussion through live chat, audio, and video features.

  • Strategize and Market Your Virtual Event

Follow a strategic approach to market your event and maximize its reach to global delegates. Make the most of different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to post relevant updates, pictures, and videos regarding your virtual product launch event. Create stories using event-specific hashtags to spread awareness about your event. 

Also, keep your company website loaded with relevant information about the virtual event. It is to ensure that no significant leads or potential attendees are missed from learning about the scheduled event. You can also think of sending important emails to the most likely attendees. These emails should also include the link to the landing page or the registration link.

Another notable approach is to design a compelling landing page, filled with valuable information, for example, the date, time, and registration link of the event that can be quickly accessed by the interested participants.

  • Take a follow-up

Do not miss including this step while planning your virtual product launch event. Even after the virtual event is over, there’s a lot of data and insights that you can obtain from the event or attendee feedback to make improvements for future events.

Make sure to choose an ideal virtual event platform that is capable of tracking attendee navigation, count of registrations, hotspots of the event, and the number of qualified lead conversions. It will help you maintain track of the KPIs and gauge the success of your event.

The virtual venue continues to draw new opportunities and techniques for businesses and companies to launch and display their products and offerings. All you need to do is carefully analyze and choose an ideal venue that will help you reach global delegates and make your events more successful.

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