Video Chat Apps Prove To Be Powerful Communication Solutions For Businesses

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With the pandemic still present today, businesses have learned a vital thought.

Businesses should never stop for any reason, they just need to tweak the way they engage with their team and clients.

We all are aware of live video calls and live video chat, but it was only after the pandemic that businesses realized the impact it held.

Live video calling as well as live video chat app solutions proved to increase the productivity of the inner team, engage with employees better as well improve the way a brand connects with a client.

For instance, conducting live video calls and chat for customer service. This enhanced the normal customer service conducted via phone or email to a more simple and better experience.

Live video call app is the solution 2021 businesses need today and this blog will help you understand the impact.

Let’s get started. 

Top 4 Ways Businesses Unleash The Power Of Live Video Calls

1. Conduct better demos for clients

A basic demo for a client to explore your products is mostly done by signups. The client upon signing up will explore your website on its own and in case of doubt, they can reach out to your team via email or a live chat window.

Switch this method to a more convenient form with the use of video calls or video call api for customer service there. With video calls, clients’ doubts will be clarified quicker and a better understanding of your brand will be developed in their minds. 

2. Engage with a remote team well

The pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors hence leaving businesses to continue their operations remotely. Video calls let the team operate efficiently.

With live video calls, everyone on the team can be connected with a single click. All that is required is a great internet connection which is already available. 

3. Conduct multiple insightful meetings

Conducting insightful meetings is important to improve the brand’s progress in multiple categories such as enhancing the team skills, how to improve their current product, and more.

With video calls, meetings have that personal touch that was lost due to the pandemic. Despite the setup being virtual, video calls work on restoring the physical meeting concept online. 

4. Hosting webinars or events or workshops

Video is a great platform to conduct or host webinars/events/workshops as they are easy to get started with. They are also easy to get started with and require no additional setups since your investment is only on the video calling solution. 

How can businesses enhance their operations with live video calls?

Live video calls have a huge impact on businesses. 

They solve almost all the common issues being faced such as:

  • Reduces travel cost as all employees can work from home and get connected with a video calling solution
  • Become a feasible solution because brands can either invest in a video calling solution or a video chat API for customer service and more services
  • Made it easy to clarify employees or clients doubt immediately
  • Easy to get started to conduct instant and quick meetings
  • You can connect with anyone anywhere no matter the location hence driving better lead conversions and hiring the best talents

How Do Live Video Chatting, Online Calls, And Video Calls Differ From Each Other?

The best example for video chatting can be tools such as Zoom or Skype. There is a chat option provided for any users to engage in a conversation via the chat platform provided.

The best example for online calls could be the VoIP calling solutions you invest in. You can instantly get connected with anyone via this form of connection.

The best example for video calls is tools such as Google Duo and more. Such tools are created to conduct an efficient video experience.

A Brief Insight On The Functionality Of A Live Video Chatting

Live video chatting refers to conducting a video call via the platform.

The platform is dedicated to live video chatting but there is also an option to conduct video calls on the same. 

In such a manner, users have the option to either conduct video chats or get connected with anyone instantly via the video call button.

Top 2 Ways Live Video Calling Gets Connected Over The Internet

1. Consumer VoIP

Consumer VoIP is a tool made for general users to get connected with their loved ones. The video calling solution can be accessed via any app store available. The VoIP offers one-to-one or one-to-many video chatting, video message, and voice call solutions. 

2. Business VoIP

Business VoIP is a great communication medium for employees. It conducts more functionalities than consumer VoIP such as third-party integrations, analytics, call features, and more. This VoIP is a convenient medium to connect with employees across the globe.

Online Voice Calls: How Can You Get Started With It?

As learned above, VoIP is a great way to get started with online voice calls. These calls are great to get connected with anyone from across the globe. They serve the purpose of providing good connectivity and engage with anyone no matter their location.  This Video Calling API Can Help You Get Started On The Right Foot: Here’s How


Enablex is a great communication provider that focuses on providing great engagement standards to people and devices. They provide multiple types of communication solutions in the form of APIs, solutions, and service providers. 

They also provide multiple types of API solutions for voice, video, chat, and SMS. To avail the pricing details, get connected with the team for better quotations.

5 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself Before Investing In The Best Video Call Solution

  • Are the calls encrypted?- Calls need to be encrypted so that private conversations or sharing confidential information over calls are secured
  • Is the voice and audio quality better?- Always ensure the call quality is great because no one likes to continue over calls that have poor quality in hearing or understanding.
  • Is there a free trial?- Before investing in any tool, ensure you have a free trial option. This is to help you understand the tool better and see if it meets your requirements before making the big investment.
  • Will this tool integrate with my other tools?- You need to get a tool that integrates well with your other tools so that data can be stored automatically instead of doing it manually.
  • What analytics will I be provided?- A good analytics report can enhance your video calling actions for the best. Hence choose a tool that provides you with a detailed and insightful one. 


Whether you’re conducting video call service for customer service or a video chat solution for customer service, this tool proves its worth as learned above.

Today, multiple brands prefer the medium of investing in a live video calling service or a live video chat API. 

Technology has grown well over the years and with the introductions of video chat solutions or live video calling chat, they are helping businesses become more efficient.

So, what do you think about the video or live chat video calls?

When do you plan to get started with it?

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