Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record Audio

iTop Screen Recorder

For Windows operating systems, there is a screen recording program called iTop Screen Recorder. It enables users to quickly record their computer displays in high-quality video and audio for a variety of uses, including making video lessons, recording webinars or meetings, and collecting gameplay footage. The user-friendly interface of iTop Screen Recorder offers a number of customizable elements, such as video resolution, frame rate, audio input, and more. 

Moreover, the program has editing features that let users cut, edit, and annotate their recordings using text, arrows, and other symbols. All things considered, iTop Screen Recorder is a flexible and user-friendly application for everyone who wants to record and share screenshots of their computer screen.

Top 4 iTop Screen Recorder Features

The webcam is upheld

In addition to screen recording, both its online screen recorder and desktop screen recorder can support webcam recording. Therefore, customers may capture their camera video combined with their screen and sound to create really interesting and insightful stories. This feature may be very helpful when creating video exercises for lessons or facilitating online meetings where participants must be able to see the moderator’s face. Customers may position webcam recording wherever on the screen and choose whether to maintain webcam video in a small window or full-screen mode. iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile tool for creating several types of video material, such as preparation recordings, introductions, and game records because it can record webcam footage in addition to screen recording. In general, iTop Screen Recorder’s webcam keeps emphasizing can enhance users’ recording experiences and provide interesting content.

There are no obstacles to using

iTop Screen Recorder is designed to be a straightforward, open, and hassle-free screen recording software. The product is available for free download on the iTop website, and the installation process is clear and easy to understand. Clients of all skill levels may easily start recording their screen and sound since the point of engagement is simple and intuitive and requires essentially no prior technical expertise. Also, there are no restrictions on the types of happiness that may be captured with iTop Screen Recorder. Customers may record everything that appears on their PC screen, including shows, product exhibits, interactive meetings, and video calls. In general, iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile and open tool that everyone can use, regardless of their degree of specialist skill or the type of happiness they need to capture.

A background video manager

Customers may edit their accounts before storing them using the underlying video manager that iTop Screen Recorder also provides. The proofreader offers a variety of tools so that users may edit, join, and apply effects to their recordings. To make their profiles more informative and enticing, users may also add text, bolts, photos, and watermarks. Customers of all skill levels may easily make necessary changes to their accounts using the proofreader’s intuitive point of engagement and basic controls without using further modifying code. Additionally, clients can use their edited recordings in a variety of contexts, such as introductions, online entertainment, or preparation materials thanks to the supervisor’s ability to swap accounts in various arrangements. In general, the built-in video editor in iTop Screen Recorder gives users a useful and engaging way to edit and enhance their screen recordings.

Games that relate to the working environment

iTop Screen Recorder is a useful tool for workplace games since it enables users to record their interaction and share it with their peers. This can be particularly helpful in team-building activities or educational programs. For instance, iTop Screen Recorder may record interaction when a company uses gamification to teach new skills or processes, enabling employees to review and learn from their mistakes. Moreover, it may be used to link with material for internal conversations or internet amusement. Moreover, accounts may be made more interesting and informative by adding text and images using the editing tools provided by iTop Screen Recorder. Generally speaking, by providing a way for recording, iTop Screen Recorder may enhance work environments.

How to Capture Sound with iTop Screen Recorder

With the adaptable screen recording tool iTop Screen Recorder, you may record not only your computer’s screen but also camera video, microphone audio, and background noise. In this post, we’ll explain how to use iTop Screen Recorder to capture sound in the best manner possible.

Stage 1: launch iTop Screen Recorder

Once iTop Screen Recorder is introduced, double-tap the work area signs to dismiss the product. You will observe the product’s main point of engagement, which offers not have many options.

Stage 2: Pick a Sound Source

You must choose the sound source before you may record sound with iTop Screen Recorder. To hear the sound originating from your computer, click the “Sound Information” button and choose “Foundation Sound”. Choose “Amplifier” as the sound information source if you want to save the mouthpiece sound for the recording.

Stage 3: Change Recording Settings

You can adjust the recording parameters before you start recording by your needs. The quality, pace, and design of the video are your choice. By selecting “Webcam” as the video source, you may also pick to save the footage from your webcam for the recording.

Stage 4: Begin Recording

You’re ready to start recording once you’ve selected the sound source and altered the recording parameters. To start the recording, click the “Record” button. By touching the appropriate buttons, you may pause and restart the recording whenever you choose.

Stage 5: Quit Recording and Save the Document

After you are finished recording, click the “Stop” button to end the session. The recorded video can be reviewed and changed if necessary. Choose a location to store the document by clicking the “Save” button.


Using iTop Screen Recorder to record your screen with sound is as simple as ABC. No matter whether you want to record a lecture, a meeting, or a game, it can get your needs covered. Get this software from today and start recording anything on your screen.

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