Top 5 Desert Safari Deals of 2023: Experience the Best of Dubai’s Desert

Desert Safari Dubai

Some of the world’s most exciting and memorable desert safaris occur in Dubai. Our organization has chosen the top 5 desert safari Dubai activities for 2023 so that you can have the best time possible exploring the beautiful deserts of Dubai.

Adventure Planet Travel offers the Dubai desert safari. We have everything you want, from high-end VIP services to cheaper options. So, whether you want an exciting adventure or a relaxing vacation, we have a Dubai safari trip that will fit your needs. The Dubai desert safari prices below will help you decide which of our five featured desert safari packages is right for you.

We’ll show you the best five desert safari deals in Dubai so you can go on the trip of a lifetime. We offer a wide range of desert safaris in Dubai, from the cheapest desert safari in Dubai to the most luxurious VIP experience. I said, Will we?

Deal #1: Dune Bashing Deals

Our Dune Bashing Offers are great if you want to try something new and exciting. This package is for you if you want to have the best adventure in the Dubai desert. Our Dune Crashing packages come with all of the following:

A thrilling 4×4 ride: 

Our expert drivers will take you on a thrilling dune ride with high peaks and tight turns that will make your hair stand on end. Hold tight as you go through the desert, and enjoy the thrill of adventure.

Photo opportunities: 

We’ll stop at some of the desert’s most beautiful spots so you can take pictures of the fantastic scenery.


We’ll give you water and soft drinks to stay hydrated during your safari.

Group desert safari Dubai: 

This package is great for groups; you need at least four people to book it.

Our Dune Bashing Packages are different from other desert safari tours because they are exciting and fun. We also allow you to take beautiful pictures you can keep forever.

At Adventure Planet Tourism, we’re committed to giving you the best desert safari offers in Dubai. Our Dune Bashing Packages are the best choice for people who want to go on the best desert safari from Dubai and are looking for an adventure.

Deal #2: Sandboarding Deals

Our Sandboarding Offers are perfect if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the Dubai desert. This package is for people who want to try Sandboarding, an exciting sport involving surfing down dunes on a sandboard. You can expect the following from our Sandboarding Deals:

Stunning views: 

As you surf down the dunes, you’ll see amazing things in the desert and make memories that will last a lifetime.


We’ll give you water and soft drinks to keep you hydrated during your desert trip.

Desert safari Dubai offers: 

People who want to enjoy the best desert safari deals in Dubai should get this package.

The unique and exciting experience differentiates our Sandboarding Deals from other desert safari tours. Our guides know what they’re doing and will give you all the training and safety gear you need to ensure a safe and fun trip.

At Adventure Planet Tourism, our goal is to give you the best desert safari deals in Dubai. If you want to see the desert landscape of Dubai in a new and exciting way, check out our Sandboarding Deals. Make your reservation for a trip you won’t forget in a hurry!

Deal #3: ATV Quadbike Riding Deals

Are you ready for an exciting trip into the middle of Dubai’s desert? Our ATV Quadbike Riding Packages are like nothing you’ve ever done before. Rent an ATV and ride the sand dunes to see the vast Dubai desert.

Key Features:

  • A 45-minute ride on a four-wheeler
  • Tour guides who know their stuff to go with you on your trip
  • Equipped with all the safety gear they need
  • You can extend your ride if you want to.

This package differs from other safari tours because you can ride an ATV quad bike in the desert. Find out about the area in a new and exciting way while increasing your heart rate. Our ATV Quadbike Riding Deals are very affordable. It’s well worth the money to travel through the Dubai desert.

Please dress for the ride if you take advantage of this offer. It is best to wear loose and comfortable clothes and shoes that cover your toes. We have the ATV Quadbike Riding Deals to get you to the best desert safari in Dubai. Make your reservation for a trip you won’t forget in a hurry!

Deal #4: Camel Riding Deals

Try one of our unique camel rides today. Riding a majestic camel through the peaceful Dubai desert is once in a lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Well-trained, friendly guides who always look out for your comfort and safety
  • You can ride a camel at sunset, sunrise, and other times of the day.
  • Possibility of taking stunning pictures of the empty desert

Our Camel Riding Deals are different from other safari trips because they allow you to see the Bedouin culture yourself. Our tours are a fascinating way to learn about the history of camel riding in Dubai.

Deal #5: Desert Safari Dubai Camp Deals and Entertainment:

Safari Dubai is more than just activities that get your heart racing. With our fifth package, Desert Dubai Camp Deals and Entertainment, you can spend the night in a tent in the middle of the Dubai desert.

Key features:

  • Large, luxurious tents with air conditioning and all the home comforts
  • Pillow and carpet arrangements in the traditional Arabic style
  • A conventional Arabic dinner buffet with a wide range of tasty dishes
  • Some live performances are Tanoura dance, belly dance, and fire shows.
  • Photos of Arab clothes and henna designs
  • Roasting marshmallows over a campfire while looking at the night sky

Lastly, our Desert Safari Dubai Camp Deals and Entertainment package is for people who want to see the sights of the Dubai desert in peace and quiet without giving up the comforts of modern amenities and traditional Arabic hospitality.


In conclusion, everyone should plan a desert safari tour in Dubai through the desert. We’ve picked the 5 best deals we offer, from Dune bashing and sandboarding to ATV quad biking, camel rides, and desert camping with entertainment. There are many deals, each focusing on a different part of a desert safari.

Our clients can be sure that our expert guides and drivers will take good care of them. In addition, we stress the importance of keeping the desert’s natural beauty. Ultimately, a desert safari Dubai is more than a fun adventure. It’s also a chance to connect with nature and learn about the area’s culture.

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