Three Classic Types of Pizza in Kuala Lumpur

Pizza in Kuala Lumpur

Three Classic Kinds of Pizza in Kuala Lumpur

The world can’t get enough of pizza. It’s become arguably the world’s favourite food. But what exactly defines the word ‘pizza’? There are three main types of pizza in Kuala Lumpur, each of which has its own traditions and story. There are more styles than just three, but these three have proven to be popular worldwide.

These three varieties all have the same basic ingredients in common. They all feature a bread crust, tomato-based sauce, and cheese. But it‘s the different ways these three pizzas are prepared and the rich variety of added toppings that have defined the perfect pizza for a large number of pizza-lovers around the globe.

Italian Pizza

Everyone thinks that pizza was first created in Italy. But numerous other cultures also had flatbreads with toppings. But the name ‘pizza’ was heard as early as 997 AD in Italy, and it came to be adopted to represent all the flatbread snacks and meals. 

Modern pizza became immensely popular in Naples, Italy. But it was the American soldiers stationed in Italy during World War Two that were largely responsible for the worldwide popularity of pizza. When these soldiers came home, they sought out the Italian neighbourhoods of New York, looking for pizza. 

Italian entrepreneurs quickly obliged them by setting up pizza parlours, and the age of pizza had begun in the US, where it quickly spread around the country by the early 1900s. Different types of pizza were developed in different cities, and there were two clear winners in the type of pizza requested, New York-style and Chicago deep-dish style.

New York-style Pizza

The style of pizza developed in Naples, Italy, served as the basis of the New York-style dish. Both typically had thin crusts, tomato-based sauce and a variety of added cheeses. But the New York pizza developed into a larger pizza with wider slices folded in half to eat. 

One slice was often enough to serve as a meal, meaning that the pies were often sold by the slice instead of by the pie. This became a hit with hungry New York workers looking for a cheap and tasty lunch they could eat on the go.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

As the pizza craze spread across the US, Chicago developed their own take on the pizza that caused some pizza-lovers to divide up into factions, with two regions each preferring their own style of pizza. 

Chicago deep-dish pizza was distinctly different from New York-style. There was the same crust, tomato sauce and cheeses, but this was a dish that had to be eaten at a table and with utensils, and it was just as filling. These were almost like a traditional pie, baked in a deep-dish. If you closed your eyes, though, it tasted familiar. 

These days, a company in Kuala Lumpur called US Pizza has all three varieties for you to try and see which is your favourite. Of course, the world has changed with the number of toppings available, and US Pizza has plenty of toppings to create your favourite pizza.  With plenty of locations around the Klang Valley and beyond, visit a US Pizza today and discover your favourite style of pizza.

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