The Top Five Dislikes of Electric Vehicles

What is an Electric Vehicle?

Just like our mobile phones get an update when new features come up in the same way the automobile sector has to come up with an update, which is what electric vehicles are.

With the growing awareness of sustainable growth and reducing carbon emission, the government is taking various measures to adopt electric vehicles.

Let us investigate the reasons for the growing unpopularity of electric vehicles.
1. Less Charging Hubs: Electric vehicle charging ports are still in the development process therefore, people too are worried about what if we run out of sufficient charge then how are they going to make their destination. This problem becomes large when they drive through urban or semi-urban areas, where even the basic electricity isn’t available.

2. The initial investment is steep: The average price of a petrol-run vehicle is Rs. 7 lakh. On the other hand, the starting cost of an Electric vehicle is 13 Lakh, thus this makes it less attractive for the middle-income group. Although the government is stepping its subsidiaries game even though with subsidiaries you have to pay 10-50k extra

3. Electricity problem: According to the Ministry of Power, twenty percent of electricity vanishes during transmission, with high rates of electricity theft going on issues of adopting electric vehicles, becoming even larger. Along with this, the variety of fuels used to generate electricity in India are short of the demand.

4. Short Driving speed and Range: Most EVs have the less charging capacity, and their speed is too slow. They come with a range of about 50-100 miles, then they need to be charged again. Thus this makes them unfit for a long journey.

5. Require hours to charge: While it takes a few minutes to refill the petrol in your tanks, an electric car may take up to 4-6 hours to get a full charge. Thus the long time and slow speed sometimes put off people.

Take Away

Everything accompanies both advantages and disadvantages, does it imply that we get discouraged with cons and give up on them an opportunity even though EVs may have numerous disadvantages but take a gander at their professionals, it’ll take your breath away. Presently the EVs are even changed with these cons and desire to dominate even the gasoline model later on we won’t ever know.

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