How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses Targeting Growth In 2021

digital marketing strategy

2020 was a tough year for everyone! There has been a huge interest in digital marketing for years, but the social distancing restrictions imposed amidst the COVID19 outbreak caused businesses to take digital marketing more seriously. Businesses are trying and testing new digital marketing techniques to grab more eyeballs and stand out from the competitors.

With such a cut-throat competition online, it is high time to build a robust digital marketing strategy for your business to target growth in 2021. Below is what you can do to ace your marketing efforts this year.

Focus on Creating a Highly Optimized, Mobile-Friendly and Scalable Website:

Here are the three most important things a highly optimized website needs:

  • Speed: To increase the speed, create a clear site structure so that people can easily find what they need. Also, speed helps users make decisions for sales. You should also pay attention to how users experience the speed, website responsiveness, and stability of the site’s page.
  • Mobile-optimized: Desktop searches were the thing of the past, as over 55% of global traffic on the web comes from mobiles. So, if your website is not performing well on mobile, you may likely fall with customers and sales.
  • Web Security: Website security is another critical thing that helps to prevent hackers and cyber thieves from hindering sensitive data. Without any security or an HTTPS connection, websites can develop the risk of malware and attack on other networks. With that, the user data might be at risk.

Focus On Page Experience

Google will likely announce the next page experience update in May 2021. The metrics in the update, called Core Web Vitals, will measure the content quality, website’s load time, and interactivity. All these things will affect the search rankings.

So, keep note of anything that could destroy the user experience or annoy the user. Check all the elements of the website and optimize them for a better user experience. Make sure that the website pages load fast and there are no unexpected changes in the page layout when a user scrolls or loads a page.

Prioritize Customer Retention

If your business is struggling to recover from the pandemic crisis, it is wise to focus on retaining the existing customers rather than acquiring new ones. One of the best things you can do is to keep your customers happy and make them feel valued.

This tip is even more useful for small firms because it is perhaps the only thing they can do to remain in the market. Leverage the customer data to create personalized messaging or email. You can consider Amazon, Netflix, or YouTube for good examples of personalization.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social commerce is another emerging trend that will help you reap the best benefits. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, etc., bring excellent opportunities for marketers to present their products and services to potential customers.

You can use in-app shopping on social media platforms to decrease the stick points or friction in the customer journey. Try and test this burgeoning digital marketing strategy to minimize the chances of drop-offs to zero.

Also, learn how social media platforms are popular among your customers and clients. Check what your customers are using; the most common option is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. You need to expand your presence to these platforms, as it will help you grow your business effectively.

Just keep in mind that you need to be consistent while putting the content to make things interesting and engaging. There are also some short-video-making platforms that are rising; you can try them. The key to keep in mind is to follow your clients and attract the right traffic.

Be Present On Google My Business

Another marketing strategy to consider is to lean into local SEO and help your customers find you. And, getting your business on Google My Business is the best way to do this. If you are already there, it’s time to update your profiles and add COVID19-friendly details.

On Google My Business, you can include all the crucial details to help find you easily. Doing so will also put your business in an ideal position on Google Maps, where it can be reviewed easily. Another benefit is, your business starts ranking on the map, giving a boost to its visibility.

Embrace Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is such a tactic that helps boost efficiency and reduces expenses. This is the reason why so many Google Ads marketers are constantly adjusting their campaigns, bids, and keywords to a bang for their buck.

By using automation wherever you can and integrating it with real-time data, you can rest assured that you are leveraging every opportunity that comes your way. For example, you can use email marketing automation and combine it with the users’ data to create personalized emails.

Choose What’s Best For You: SEO or PPC

SEO and PPC are the two powerful strategies that help rank your website on the SERP. However, if you need to find the most fruitful results, a lot of technical knowledge and expertise is required. PPC or paid marketing is ideal for instant results when you have a new website that isn’t ranking well organically.

On the other hand, SEO helps you see long-term results and builds up your brand’s reputation over time. Once you start appearing in the organic results, you will get high-quality traffic to your website, that too, at no cost! The best way is to use both marketing techniques simultaneously. It totally depends on your budget and goals, though.

Conclusion These are some of the fundamental tips you should include in your digital marketing strategy in 2021. If you are new to digital marketing, it might seem too much for you. But, once you understand the basics and get through the process, you will find it simple. If you are targeting growth for your business this year, it is worthwhile to pick any of these tips and focus on them. Start creating a strong digital marketing plan for your business today to make it a success this year!

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