The Best Type of Paint for Furniture!

The Best Type of Paint for Furniture

By painting you can give a new look and new life to the furniture. You need basic supplies and the work of a few hours to give a unique look to your furniture and the furniture can be a specialty piece, nightstand, table or a chair. For painting the furniture, there are a lot of options available. You can use various types of paints like milk, chalky, acrylic, latex and oil. There are several unique advantages of using these paints.

Now I am going to describe the best type of paint for furniture.

1. Latex paint

In rainbow’s all the colors this paint is available. It is available in several finishes and different brand varieties and you can get it from a hardware store at your location. For a heavily used furniture it is not ideal because its finish is relatively soft. Its cure requires a long time and it dries quickly. Glossy, semi-gloss, satin and flat are the several finishes of latex paint. On the pieces of furnishings that don’t move so much, it suits the best.

Its pros

·       Numerous color options are available for this

·       By using water and soap, you can clean it easily

·       There are various finishes of it

Its cons

·       Not suitable for heavy use

·       It is not easy to wash all types

2. Chalky paint

You can use it to give an old-world charm to newer pieces or to reclaim vintage furniture. Its texture is buildable and thicker. Its base is latex and it is water-based. You can get it from specialty store keepers. Now its availability is increasing more and more. It has been successfully made by several people.

However, if you use a formula that is commercially available then in the process of buying, consistent results will be obtained. Its finish is silky smooth and the look is unique, so the people love it. As compared to the latex, it is more expensive. For the furniture that is used daily, it is used to give a rich look and to refinish antique pieces, it is the best. 

Its pros

·       On almost every surface, it adheres well

·       Its dying time is fast

·       Its finish is smooth

Its cons

·       You can find visibility in brush strokes

·       Marking or scratching are required in its finish

·       Color options are limited and there is a possibility of this being expensive

3. Milk paint

As compared to the chalky paint it has a thinner texture and it is also natural. It is usually prepared from milk protein and it is non-toxic. Its tint can be changed by adding color pigments. There is no use of chemicals in its ingredients and it is eco-friendly.

From the saturation point of view, an inconsistency can be found in its finish. If it is used with a bonder then consistent results can be obtained. It is available in powder form. If you want to use it then add water in it. If you are interested in distressed, weathered or antiqued appearance of the furniture then apply this on these furniture pieces.

Its pros

·       Its powder formula is non-toxic

·       It dries very fast

·       On most surfaces you can use it

Its cons

·       Getting a consistent saturation is tough

·       In the absence of sealer, it can scratch or chip

·       Sometimes it requires a bonder

4. Acrylic paint

It is also water-based. It is mostly used for accent pieces, picture frames and console tables because it is available in smaller containers. For small furnishings, it is the best.

Its pros

·       You can apply it easily

·       It gives a stain resistant resilient finish

·       Its color is rich

Its cons

·       It can give you very good results if you use a primer with it

·       Small containers are used for selling it

·       Curing times are long If you are hosting a party or event and you want furniture for it at rent then contact Furniture Hire in London.

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