Role Of Videos In Digital Marketing For B2B In 2022

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December 2005 was a game-changing year for the video content industry! Lazy Sunday is one of the first viral videos that made YouTube climb to a peak of success. It was a bootleg copy of the Saturday live night skit. You might wonder how viral it would have been? The NY Times reported that the video crossed 1.2 million views in just ten days! It was from then that this whole video content industry never looked back.

Today almost 5 billion videos are being watched daily, alone on YouTube. If we sum up the views on popular video streaming platforms like Facebook, TikTok, etc., the count will be capable of touching the moon! With the boom of video content, even marketers have faith in videos! The incident has changed almost 86% of marketers to believe that video content is more important now than ever. The audience on these video streaming platforms is big and varies in interest.

If you are starting with your new venture, let it be either B2C or B2B, you can’t afford to avoid videos in your digital marketing planning ! Moreover, if you have been in this B2B industry, you might likely have an idea of the immense growth of B2B video marketing. But after all these, you still might revolve around the question, how to do this, or is it worth giving a shot?

To narrow down your question of whether video marketing is worth the resources in B2B, the answer would be yes! Video marketing is very fast-paced, and it is very much likely to become the best marketing strategy for B2B companies. Even researchers claim that 75% of B2B organizations plan increased investments in the video marketing section. Video marketing is more effective compared to traditional marketing techniques!

Now all these might make you think, what is so helpful in video marketing? For that, we need to understand a few topics:

1.   Effortless: Watching video content is indeed effortless. Just gaze at the screen, and all the information is being conveyed to you by the creator.

2.  More engagement: Videos are engaging as you get to listen to a story with smooth editing and visually appealing graphics!

3.  Connected audience: While watching a video, it feels that the creator is talking directly through the screen!

4.  Survey claims: Surveys from legitimate sources claim that videos helped B2B businesses by:

· 70% more brand awareness

· 51% more traffic

· 34% increased sales

Ultimately it boils down to the fact that if you are looking for some operative and affordable marketing strategy, you must include video marketing in your SEO and PPC campaigns !

Now, when we have the idea of “why selecting video marketing?” Let’s look at how important it is for your B2B business!

Irrespective of what goals you have with your business, whether it is generating more revenue or expanding the business, video marketing can help you achieve both! Heinz Marketing claims after a study that video marketing is 600 percent more effective than printing or mailing ad campaigns combined.

How to make videos for video marketing campaigns?

After hearing about the video-making process, you might start thinking about the expenses. But as said earlier, video marketing is one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies. Let’s have a look at the stuff we need or a few tips to create a video ad:

1.  Share the story: Storytelling is what differentiates a good and bad video. It is the heart and soul of any successful video. You get to connect more intuitively with your viewers at an emotional level just through storytelling.

2.  Crisper is sweeter: Textual content can be pretty long to convey the purpose. But for videos, short and crisp is the way to go! Your video should be small yet descriptive and should cover all aspects of your brand’s story.

3.  The first impression is the last: The first 20-30 secs is considered the most crucial part of your video if you are creating long-format content. That’s crucial because the whole user retention depends on them! If you are video marketing on Facebook, use a Facebook post scheduler to do it right and make a great first impression.

4.  Editing keeps it alive: Nobody likes to watch any dull video. Unedited videos are boring and grotesque. Editing videos is pretty simple these days, you don’t need to hire any video editor. Just search for a video editor and you will get a lot of options to choose from.

How is video marketing beneficial?

The benefits of video marketing in B2B are innumerable, but let’s have a look at a few ways how video content can take your business to higher heights!

1. Impacts the SEO tremendously: Videos improvise your search rankings on Google! You might have noticed that whenever you search any particular topic on Google, you see videos that redirect you to a website. Not only on the main page, but Google also produces a separate video section for the search results! Suppose in your particular website you didn’t embed a video around your niche, then logically you have missed out on the free opportunity of making an entry into the search results. While uploading your videos, make sure to make your titles and descriptions SEO friendly and the rest will be handled by the search engine.

2. Increase the demand for your service: Videos lead to increased engagement around your business. More engagement leads to more leads! If you add videos to your homepage or landing page, the user on average will be spending more time on your website and will be more curious about your brand and your product eventually. Studies claim that 91% of business owners claim that they got new business leads just because of their uploaded videos on social media.

3.  Video impacts account-based marketing (ABM): ABM strategies in 2022 are way more personalized and focused! Videos attract interest faster. If your B2B business is targeting a specific niche, it’s better to send them videos with custom content instead of emails.


Videos are a great way to break difficult concepts into an easier and more understandable format for your potential clients and also help them understand more about your brand and the value that you provide.

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