OXFORD University COVID-19 Vaccine: Something to Be Hopeful!


The novel Corona Virus has swayed more than 15 lakhs lives and claimed around 7 lakhs of them so far. This virus has totally changed our normal course of life, not just affecting our health but also impacting the economic growth of the entire world.

COVID-19 Oxford Vaccine Close To Final Stages

After months of wait, the world is hoping for some positive news to have its warrior to defeat the pathogen. Oxford University along with AstraZeneca, a UK based Pharma has been able to develop a vaccine showing some promising results in early human testing against the COVID-19 virus. About 160 COVID-19 vaccines are being developed around the globe at different stages, out of which the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is closest to the final stage testing.

Based on the preliminary results of PHASE I/II trials, a single dose of the Oxford vaccine promoted the generation of the SARS CoV-2 virus spike proteins even after a month of vaccination. The vaccine is also induced with T cells that can stay in our body for a longer period of time and can revive the virus well, also in case of infection it can re-emerge and fight back against the virus.

What Is This Breakthrough Vaccine All About?

The vaccine is based on the genetically engineered reliable weak common cold virus or adenovirus, that usually infects chimpanzees. The virus has been genetically engineered to weaken so that it does not harm the human body and also altered its genome to produce spike proteins against the coronavirus. When a vaccinated person’s body encounters the coronavirus, the vaccine helps to identify the foreign body and helps to generated spike proteins as a build-in immunity and produce antibodies to defend against it.

Oxford Vaccine to Explore Its Way Out

Now, as the vaccine has been able to prove its ability as per the preliminary test to build up immunity and fight against the deadly virus, several tests are being carried out with different groups of volunteers from Brazil, South Africa, and the UK to verify its protective ability in different conditions and in the different age groups.

We just hope all these tests turn down well and we soon get our powerful warrior to completely wipe away this virus from this world and get our normal lives back.

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