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MBA in 2020

The covid-19 has stood as an obstruction this year in the paths of everyone be it studies, business, jobs and what not. But life must go on, and despite of the setback we Indians have managed to get back on our feet and that too stronger than before. Education is an integral part of any country and any kind of obstruction in that is indirectly the slowing down of our country. Because of the lockdown schools, colleges had shut down and due to that many students had to put on hold their future educational plans. Recently the educational institutes have opened doors for new batch and many new courses for undergraduates and post graduates as well.

Many students go with the MBA degree for their post-graduation for many reasons. Doing MBA helps in various ways such as:

• To develop advanced and flexible management skills.
• Salaries after MBA are one of the highest in the job market.
• MBA trains you to be able to start up a company from scratch.
• There is no age limit for this course.
• Its trains you to carry yourself well in front of others
• MBA programs are very flexible.

Some of the most popular national level exams for MBA in India that a candidate has to appear for are CAT(Common Admission Test), CMAT(Common Management Admission Test) and MAT( Management Aptitude Test). More than 1000 institutes throughout the country accept the scores of these exams for their admissions.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, most of the entrance tests for management admissions were delayed, some national level tests such as MAT and ATMA were conducted in Internet-Based Test. Whereas some state-level exams were delayed by four to five months.

How to prepare for the entrance?

• Any Student preparing for CAT must know that it has been divided into three parts; verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and logical reasoning.
• To prepare for the CMAT which is a computer-based exam held for 180 minutes a student must focus on quantitative techniques, logical reasoning, language
• The MAT is a 200 marks examination in which the aspirant is tested in five areas; Indian and Global Environment, Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning.
• For other state-based exams topics such as; general English, logical reasoning, verbal ability, general knowledge, analytical reasoning etc.

Go through test series and mock tests by many training institutes outside.

How to prepare for the interview?

The details of any interview might differ from institute to institute, but the basic structure is similar the panel may have one or more interviewers, or they may have other Personality related tests to assess your thinking. It is very important to prepare for the PI as it might play an important role in your admission.

• Be prepared to face tough questions and answer them: you might face a difficult question it might be about your failure or weakness, to answer with honesty and humility is the key here.
• Self-awareness: Knowing some more unknown things about yourself beforehand can help you during the interview, your strengths, key selling points, personality traits etc.
• Take time to prepare and practice: It is a very bad idea if you are planning to just wake up in the morning and go for your interview. Do your research about yourself, the institute you’re willing to join and other basic details as well.
• Future plans: A very common question in an Interview is your future, your mind should be crystal clear on what you’re planning to do in the near future because it serves as a proof of how serious you’re about something.
• Research about the school or institute: The institute you’ll be choosing is the place you’ll be learning at for the next years. Make sure you have valid and good reasons as to why you’ve decided to go for this specific institute amongst all of the others.
• Professionalism: Starting from your attire to your language you should look and sound professional. Be confident and clear about what you’re saying. It is important to carry yourself well in front of the interviewers, remember the first impression is the last impression.

Enrol for training and programs for interviews:

For other tips and training before appearing for an interview register for programs offered by many companies nowadays one of the few you should go for is by Tutoraj click on the link to register yourself: MOCK INTERVIEWS FOR MBA

It is important to have an experience beforehand, it’ll help you to deal with the stress and not mess up during the interview. Registering for mock interviews is a very good idea as people who have been there will be training you, they’ll be giving you tips on the unwritten rules that not many people have heard of.

How things vary between IIM and other institutions.
• Firstly, it’s tough to get into IIM due to the level of difficulty of the entrance test.
• Its an autonomous institute and can change the course, syllabus according to their wish which keeps them up to date with the current situation, unlike other schools which have to follow the outdated paths.
• IIM’s have one of the best faculties in the nation, the professors here are very well trained and up to date with the current happenings and syllabus.
• IIM offers international exposure to the students which is comparatively less than the other schools which stop the Student studying there from getting the right amount of exposure to learn and explore.
• The teaching style in IIM is different, it’s not just theoretical and mugging up but with practical experience and proper explanation helps in better understanding among the students.
• Placements in IIM is better than any other business schools as companies always prefer IIM graduates over graduates from another schools or institutes.

Right from the start the course helps you to improve yourself, the competition is high but the results are even better and to get into the best institute is a must. To be a graduate from top tier schools is important for your future as well and for that, the right training and knowledge should be imparted as it might change your whole life. Proper coaching from well trained and experienced mentors is a must their firsthand experience will help you achieve your goals.
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